Google has finally released the latest version of its mobile OS: Android 10. With this latest version, it is introducing new and awesome features for android users. Google tried to fundamentally change a lot about the android experience. There will be a far difference in how the mobile operating system works after the android 10 release. Google this time is keeping things simple and identifying the new release with a simple version number. Here are some features Google has talked about.

Android 10: The 6 best New Features and How to use them

Dark theme

Google has an authorized dark theme on android. Now users can schedule dark theme, accessible through the display settings menu. With the following update, the users can have it always on or always off, depending on the time of day. The android users were waiting for the dark theme update. With the help of dark mode, users can save battery life on phones with OLED displays. The dark theme when enabled will let the apps a dark grey tint to them. The panels like the quick settings shade have an OLED black background. The best part is that it may also work in third-party apps that don’t have their dark mode.

New gesture navigation

With the new gesture-based navigation system swiping up while in an app takes users home, whereas swiping up and holding opens the recent menu. Android 10 removed navigation buttons, including a back button. The update offers a full set of gestures so that users can move beyond buttons, virtual or otherwise. Now the user will see a black strip with a white/black dash in the center.

Live caption

In Android 10 Google is adding a live caption feature that will add subtitles to any video being watched on the phone especially for deaf users. The best part is that the users won’t need a data connection to use this feature, it’s already done on the device itself. This live caption will be available in later this autumn. With live captions there is no need of the network connection as Google assistant can process speech on-device at near-zero latency locally on the device.


This is the new feature Android 10 has introduced: bubbles. When an alert or a message is received from an app-enabled with bubbles, a small rounded shape of notification will appear on the mobile screen. Once the bubble of the specified app is tapped user can view a conversation thread or reply instantly without getting into the app. The developers are suggested to use bubbles for notes, arrival times, and calls also. By introducing bubble feature Google is providing the solution to the users for better multitasking on a phone.

Privacy first

Android 10 gave more priority to user privacy. With the update, the android users can now limit when an app has access to their location. That means the user can apply the limitation to an app’s location access only when the app is in use. In the past, this was the main concern of Android users. Apart from that, there are few changes in privacy control setting for file management. Now Android 10 is limiting access to devise identifiers such as the IMEI, serial number, and other ids that can help track a user.

Focus mode

Google wants to make it a little easier with this new focus mode. This allows Android users to turn off notifications for certain apps and prioritize the notifications of those apps that are more in use to the users. The focus mode is helping the users to pause the notifications of the apps the user wants. Apart from that, for the convenience, the users can even the set focus mode as a quick setting tile to quickly turn it on or off.

How to get Android 10 update

To get the update to follow the listed steps:

After opening settings on your phone: go to system > advanced > system update

The android 10 update will appear if it is available for your specific phone. Otherwise, if the update isn’t yet available, you’ll need to wait longer for the Android 10 update depending on your phone and its manufacturer. Mostly it may take several weeks or months to receive the update automatically.


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