Sunglasses can often be associated with casual clothes, a day at the beach, or lounging by the pool. But they really are an essential piece of eyewear for many, especially when it comes to the summer months. So how can working professionals make sure their shades don’t ruin their formal business attire? By carefully considering the design of your sunglasses, you can easily look and feel professional on your journey to and from the office. 

Use a Carry Case

Perching your sunglasses on your head, hooking them into your shirt, or wearing them indoors could all be seen as unprofessional in a work setting. This is why it’s best to have a carry case for your sunglasses, so you can tuck them away as needed, into a briefcase or bag.

A carry case is even more essential if your sunglasses are designed for reading, as you won’t need to wear them all the time. When browsing any reading sunglasses range, consider adding on a protective case to keep them safe and sound.

If you’re a prescription lens wearer, you might be worried about space, especially if your bag is already filled with important documents. But, depending on the frames you choose, you may be able to use the same case, simply swapping your glasses for your sunglasses when you step out of the door.

Choose Neutral Colours

While you might be a fan of making a colourful splash in your spare time, save the bright red frames for your back garden. When it comes to wearing sunglasses in work settings, it’s best to think of colour in the same way you would a blazer. Although black is always an immediate classic, if you find this too dramatic, you could also choose natural brown tones, cool greys, or even a deep blue.

The same advice can be applied to your choice of lenses. While rose-tinted or mirrored glasses would give your look a unique edge, it’s best to play it safe when it comes to the office. If you often have professional meetings outdoors, lighter lenses offer better eye contact for improved communication. 

Be Sensible About Size

Big sunglasses are likely to draw more attention than you’re comfortable with, even if you go with a more unassuming colour. However, buying a pair of small wrap-around sunglasses may look out of place too, as these are usually reserved for sports. If you do cycle into work, make sure you swap out your shades along with your shoes.

Selecting a minimal frame can allow for bigger lenses without looking overbearing, offering a sleeker, more discreet feel.

Consider Shape Carefully

Picking the right shape of sunglasses to suit your face was already hard enough without having to consider how business-appropriate they are. While it’s important to keep this in mind, you may want to avoid cat-eye silhouettes and novelty styles, like stars or hearts. Even overly square or circular frames may seem out of place, so it’s best to choose natural-looking, subtle designs that gradually curve and have contemporary clean lines.


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