All Google Pixel apps are now available for download. Here we share direct link to Download Google Pixel Apps, Dialer, Camera, and more. As we know System Image of Google Pixel is now available and developers already start working on porting Pixel’s apps to other devices. Google Pixel devices come with latest Android 7.0 Nougat which includes all latest updated apps and launcher. Here we share a direct link to Download Google Pixel Apps apk, Camera, Launcher, and Dialer. All these apps are working correctly on Android Marshmallow and above version. If you want Google Pixel experience on your phone then Download Google Pixel Apps, Camera, Launcher and Dialer from below.

We provide you the link to Google Pixel Stock apps. These apps come preloaded on new Google Pixel phones. It includes Google App, Camera, Music, Photos, Wallpaper picker app and more. we also provide you the link to download Google Pixel dialer app and Google Assistant. Download Google Pixel Apps, Camera, Launcher and Dialer from below.

Download Google Pixel Apps, Camera, Launcher and Dialer

Download Google Pixel Apps

These Google Pixel stock apps extracted from official Pixel system images and most the apps working perfectly on Android Marshmallow. The Google Nexus contains – Google app, Calendar, Contacts, Dialer, Gallery, Music, Maps, and project Fi and Pixel wallpaper picker. These apps are working for us, you can also try other.

  • Google app (Velvet.apk)
  • Pixel Wallpapers Picker (WallpaperPickerGooglePrebuilt.apk)
  • Photos (photos.apk)
  • Project Fi (Tycho.apk)
  • Music2.apk
  • Videos.apk
  • Maps.apk
  • Contacts.apk
  • Calculator (CalculatorGooglePrebuild.apk)

Download Google Pixel Stock Apps Apk

Download Google Assistant

The above Google Pixel apps don’t include Pixel’s Google Assistant. But we already share a post previously on how to enable Google Assistant on and rooted Android device. If you want google Assistant on your phone then check this post.

Enable Google Assistant on any device above Marshmallow

Download Google Pixel Dialer

The Google Pixel dialer is an updated version of the previously Google Phone app which is exclusively for the Pixel phones for now. The new Pixel dialer is completely redesigned, and has new call UI and swipe up answer.  Google Phone is not compatible with all devices, so it may or may not install on your phone. If your phone is compatible with Google Phone app then it work otherwise it will not. Just download Google pixel dialer apk from below, install it and set it default. Download Google Pixel Dialer 5.1 apk from below.

Download Pixel dialer v5.1 apk

Download Google Pixel Camera

Google pixel device comes with updated Google Camera app, version 4.2. New camera app has features like manual exposure and new grid UI . If you are a Nexus 5x and 6 user then you can download Google Pixel Camera apk from below and install it on your device. Its only available for Nexus devices only for now so don’t try it on other devices . Download Google Pixel Camera app from below.

Download Pixel camera v4.2 apk

Download Google Pixel Launcher

You can now download Google Pixel Launcher apk and install it on your device. The new Pixel launcher includes swipe-up gesture to reveal the app drawer along with the Google button on the left side of the home screen and the date on the right side. Pixel launcher is redesign and much cleaner now. You can download pixel launcher apk from below . 

Download Pixel launcher apk

These are all the Pixel apps available for now. Download Google Pixel Apps, Dialer, Camera, and launcher and share it with your friends .




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