How to find a Minecraft Server to play with your friends?Playing Minecraft is like having unlimited building blocks at your fingertips to build whatever it is you have in your mind, provided a zombie doesn’t get to you first, or you don’t try to swim in lava (as the game tries to remind you every time you make a mistake and fall into it, ready to smash the screen because of course, you forgot to save the coordinates of where you were going). Playing in solo mode is fun because no one tells you what to do, you can even get rid of the monster altogether and do your thing.

After a while, though, it does get a little boring. You would like to share your best work and creations Maybe get some help or inspiration, or you just want some variation. That’s where we come in: how about joining a Minecraft server? They go from semi-public, very organized world to happy construction messes, but always in good fun.

Our aim is to list as many as possible to give you the best range of universes possible to play with. How does that work, you might ask? It’s very simple: once a server is registered on our website, players may discover it, join it, play on it and then later rate it and comment on it to help with the server’s ranking. This ranking, which is renewed each month, allows for friendly competition between servers but, more importantly, helps the player choose the best opportunities. Server creators and managers can also benefit from important feedback that will allow them to grow their communities in the best way possible.

To use our system, the only thing you have to do is register on the website. Everything is free, you do not have to pay anything at all, and once it’s done you can browse the list of servers that we have and start having fun. If you don’t play Minecraft, you can also look at the lists we have for other games: we want to gather and help as many players as we possibly can.

Anyone who has played multiplayer games knows how dull it can be to play without knowing anyone. Thanks to our tools, you can not only discover new worlds and new friends to play with, but you can also help creators by critiquing their work while you’re at it, just like you would with any friend coming to you or advice.

So, next time you want to open up Minecraft and wonder what kind of environment would be nice to play with today, join a Minecraft private server on our list and make the most of it! We’re looking forward to seeing more and more people using our lists and helping each other out. You will never

Creator or gamer: our tools are for you and your gaming experience. Have fun! We’re looking forward to make sure people are discovering new worlds, new people and getting everyone together. If you own a server, don’t hesitate to join: we’re sure players will be more than happy to help you out!


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