We know for sure there is something special about old school games. Though not as elaborate and eye-catching as their modern counterparts, retro games are mega-fun and entertaining. Back in the day, Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and Pokémon were keeping a whole generation glued to a screen. Their original storylines, crisp graphics, unique characters, and exciting quests made an indelible impression on the gaming community. Do you want to reunite with the Pleiades of your favorite characters and embark on a long-forgotten quest again? Well, now you have lots of opportunities to do it! If you are ready for a deep dive into retro gaming, go on reading!

Playing Retro Games in the 21st Century

Do you think games from the past have a future? We bet you do. So do we!

We’ve got lots of friends who’re dreaming about starting to play old school titles but are sure their dream is unattainable. The truth is that they still think that retro gaming is only possible with a physical vintage console, which, needless to say, is a rarity. If you also hold that opinion, too, let us dispel your delusion. Presently, lots of fans of retro games download free ROMs (images of retro games) and special programs called emulators that enable them to run almost any vintage console’s game on their computers.

A Few Words about Emulators and How to Get Them onto Your Comp

Once you decide what console you want to emulate, you can start searching the web for a website to download an emulator from.

  • Make sure to use trustworthy resources such as RomsMode, RomsMania, EmuParadise, CoolRom, or/and Romulation.

When you’re on the website, click on the “Download” button and get the new software installed. You’ll also need to decompress you emulator and extract its content to the created folder. (Very often users are asked to store both the emulator and ROM files in the same folder).

Fire up your emulator and navigate to the “ROMs” or “Games” section in order to choose the game you’re itching to play right now. Wait! You have retro games to play on your new emulator, don’t you? If you haven’t got the best ROMs, it’s about time you did it.

Where to Look for Retro Console Games

If you are in search of the old games you once played in your childhood, the website offering abandonware is the best place to start. Finding such a website is not difficult at all. Just Google for “abandonware” and you will get a long list of online sources distributing all sort of abandonware.

  • Refrain from downloading any files from non-reputable websites and resources that look suspicious.

Once you figure out what site to use, go visit it. Every abandonware site has different categories and sections you can navigate through in order to select the desired game.

When something attracts your attention, don’t hesitate to select the file by clicking on it. You also will be able to see the description of the game and thus make sure that this is the game you felt so nostalgic about. We also recommend that you read other users’ reviews of the game you are intending to download.

The process of downloading the desired file is standard. Locate the “Download” button, which should be next to the game you want to download.

Some resources may offer playing retro games in the browser. Don’t hesitate to try this option before installing the selected game onto your computer.

  • If you cannot find a specific retro game from on abandonware sites, don’t get upset. Try visiting such resources as RomsMania, RomsMode, or EmuParadise that offer the best emulation software and ROM files for the most popular vintage consoles.

After you download a new game, locate its file in your Downloads folder. Most retro game files come in .zip or .rar formats, which means that you’ll need to unpack their content into the folder you should create in advance. Your system also may perform the decompression automatically.

Once you’re finished, start your emulator, load the game, and start playing it.


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