Longer articles provide readers with in-depth information. In general, anyone who is not interested in reading an article will move on to look for someone who can offer them the information they seek.

Writing longer-form content is not just about satisfying the needs of readers. It also helps with keeping people longer on the website. Google and other search engines prefer longer content when it comes to determining the rank. 

Finally, lengthier articles are more shareable on social media because of the odds of having information that might interest more people. So you stand to gain more social media traffic.

How does one write the best possible long-form content on WordPress? Well, this article has excellent pointers on how to achieve this goal. 

Tip #1 – Use Available Plugins

WordPress platform is known for its abundance in plugins. You can add a lot of excellent plugins on your site and make it stand out from the rest, not just because of the articles, but also on the looks and features.

For example, HeroThemes has developed a plugin for automatically generating table of contents. The plugin is very useful when you have a wall of text and want to separate it into paragraphs, add subheadings or tables. 

Table of contents will show users what the article is about, and if they are interested in a particular paragraph, they can click on the topic and get redirected there immediately, without needing to skim through the whole article.

Not taking advantage of extensions and plugins of WordPress would be a waste. Be sure to install relevant plugins and create an even better environment for your readers.

Tip #2 – Pick the Right Topic

Create Long-Form Content on WordPress Sites

Most of the time, the goal of writing is to appeal to the readers. So when you are picking a topic, make sure that it is something people will find interesting. 

If you are running out of ideas, you can always look at the trends of your industry. Platforms like Reddit and Quora can also be a great source of inspiration because it has the freshest information and questions. 

Tip #3 – Focus on Evergreen Content

Aiming to write articles that will remain relevant for a long time can be a bit of a stretch, especially in certain industries where things change all the time. However, if there is an opportunity to produce content that does not have an expiry date, focus on that. 

Also, there is an argument to be made about how you can edit old articles by changing bits that are no longer relevant. Rehashing past articles is common practice, and rewriting them from scratch is not always necessary.

Tip #4 – Use Editing Tools

Writing is just part of a process. Editing and proofreading require a lot of effort as well, especially when you are aiming for the best possible quality content.

Not everyone has the patience and leaves proofreading to someone else. On the other hand, there are those who do everything themselves. And they rely on tools like Grammarly or sources like the Chicago Manual. 

If you can afford it, hiring professional editors is an option, though learning the craft yourself is also useful as it also helps to improve the overall writing skills

Tip #5 – Make Articles Shareable

Create Long-Form Content on WordPress Sites

Social sharing plugins are another neat feature that you can take advantage of using WordPress. Reaching more people with your writings should be one of the goals.

Providing readers with buttons to share your articles on their social media pages will bring you more website visitors. Some plugins also show how many times an article has been shared on a particular social media platform. It gives you an idea about which type of content of yours is popular and which needs more work.

Tip #6 – Add Visuals

Visuals play an important part in the overall success of your writing, especially these days. Expecting people to read thousands of words in the form of a text wall is pointless.

You need to attract their attention and keep the readers engaged by giving them visual aids. It can be high-quality pictures, infographics, or charts. 

Tip #7 – Emphasize SEO

Search engine optimization is an important aspect and one that requires resources for creating a sustainable blog or another type of website that relies on articles as its primary form of content.

Some brands hire experienced SEO professionals who create long-term strategies. However, not everyone can afford to hire a team to manage search engine optimization campaigns.

If you are on your own, never write articles blindly. Do some keyword research and spread them across the article. Aim to rank in search engines. Organic traffic from Google is worth a lot.


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