Social media influencers around the world are mobilizing the power of TikTok to help them grow a following and become legendary. Make no mistake: TikTok is here to stay, and if you’re an influencer looking to become famous, then there’s only really one place you need to be looking. The reasons behind TikTok’s meteoric rise are manifold, but you need to be exploiting its potential if you want to build a social media profile for yourself. Here’s how you can get lots of likes on your TikTok videos.

TikTok Videos

Create great content

It might sound like an obvious solution, but the best way for you to get lots of likes on your TikTok videos is simply to create great content. You’re never guaranteed to go viral with any of the content you create, but if your hit rate is high then you’ll increase your chances massively. There are many ways to make sure you’re making worthy TikTok content, and those ways change depending on what’s currently popular, so make sure you’re keeping up with current trends.

Make your profile memorable

Many social media influencers overlook the way in which they create their identity on their chosen platform. Don’t let this be you when it comes to TikTok, as having a distinct and clear profile identity is crucial. Building a brand for yourself is just as important for TikTok likes as it is for businesses; how do you expect people to find and engage with your content if you’re not easy to locate? If you build a successful brand, then the likes will follow organically. Make sure your account isn’t private, too.

Get some outside help

If you want to get likes on your videos, it can be a good idea to check out sites that will help you to achieve that. You need to do your research thoroughly before you make a commitment, of course; don’t simply plump for any old follower website just because you’re desperate. A good site – like the one we’ve linked here – is open, transparent, and efficient with helping you out. There’s no shame at all in boosting your profile a little; TikTok is a competitive industry, after all.

Post content regularly

You’ll really rack up the likes on your content if you create and adhere to a regular posting schedule. Remember that not every time of day is created equal when it comes to amassing followers and likes. Posting content during “magic hours” – usually earlier in the morning, around lunchtime, and in the evening – guarantees that you’re reaching a wider audience and standing a better chance of having your content featured by TikTok. A regular schedule is very important if you want TikTok likes.

Collaborate with others

TikTok viewers like to see other content creators they’re familiar with, and they can be a great way to shore up some love for your content, too. If you’re new on the scene, consider creating some collaborations with other TikTok users. These could take the form of Duets – videos where you’re taking the second part in someone else’s content – or you could actually work with the creator directly to create fresh, original stuff. Whatever you do, collaboration is key to getting TikTok likes.

Get involved 

It’s not just all about creating regular content and collaborating. If you want people to follow you and like you on TikTok, you’ll have to get involved in the community. That means checking out other folks’ content, commenting on it, and possibly even subtly directing people to check yours out. Start out with channels and creators that are similar to what you want to do. That way, you’ll attract the right audiences to your content and you won’t come across as desperate.

Hit trending topics

You’ll notice that TikTok affords the opportunity to check out trending topics. That’s not an accident; it not only allows you to view the content you personally would like, but it’s also an excellent tool for you as an influencer. These trends will change extremely regularly, so it’s important for you to keep up with them. If you tailor your content towards trending topics, you’re more likely to increase its visibility and thereby shore up more likes.

Analyse your numbers

So you’ve been trucking along as an influencer for a little while, but your numbers aren’t creeping up. There’s probably a good reason for that: you’re not analysing your content and emphasising what works. If you don’t self-analyse – if you don’t take a close look at the content you’re creating and scour it for things that aren’t working or aren’t drawing engagement – then you’ll get stuck in a rut and you won’t be able to grow or improve as a creator. This also means you aren’t likely to get many likes for your content.


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