Most parents nowadays have a phone tracking app installed on their child’s Android or iOS device to protect them against various attacks. Let’s discuss what a phone tracking app is and how it is important and helpful in keeping your child safe.

Phone tracking app for phones what is it

Phone tracking applications have gone beyond the traditional GPS nowadays, there are apps that you can use to constantly monitor the operations performed on a device that has the phone tracking app installed on it. In most cases, the application runs in the background and the user does not detect a thing.

What these tracking applications really function as, giving you details of everything the user is doing on their phone, is spy software. Their use in most cases is illegal and if the user suspects any such activity on their device and finds evidence, they could face serious consequences. And the best part is you don’t need to be a professional hacker to use these applications, keep reading to find out who can use these applications and how.

Who Uses Phone Tracking

This is a common question, and the answer is everyone.

It’s true, that the number of employers that install a phone tracking application on their employees’ cell phones is increasing day by day; parents are actively turning to phone tracking apps for their kid’s safety; spouses too rely on spy software if they suspect irregularities in their partner’s behavior.

When a Phone Tracking App is Legal

It is illegal to have such applications installed on someone’s cellphone without their knowledge as it is a clear violation of their privacy but there are ways to make your actions legal. You can legally install a phone tracking app on the devices that you have paid for and are registered under your name, say your child’s phone, and also the company cellphones provided to your employees.

What kinds of phone tracking are there?

Based on how and what you wish to monitor the Hoverwatch application lets you record phone calls, view all the text messages, get access to the target’s social media accounts, and so on. So, these can be considered as the different types of phone tracking that are available at present.

Hoverwatch Phone Tracking App

This all-in-one phone tracking software allows you to track a phone easily without leaving any trace. The application supports stealth mode which means you get the details and the app is not visible to the target.

Why choose the Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch Phone tracking app is better than most other spy applications as it offers all-around protection, from normal text messages to complex social media chats, the application leaves nothing undiscovered from you.

It is a must for parents and employers who wish to keep a watch on their children and employees respectively. The application has a user-friendly GUI which means you can use it with ease and monitor the device it is installed on.

The installation process of the Hoverwatch Phone tracking software is simple too, in the next section you’ll find all the necessary steps to install this application on a device of your choice.

How to install it on the phone

Hoverwatch is available for different devices and not just limited to Android devices, but we will be discussing the installation process on an Android phone (the same steps must be followed for the installation on an iOS device with very small changes). Here is a step-by-step approach to the installation of Hoverwatch on an Android phone.

Prep the Phone

Get the phone ready by modifying the settings and allowing unknown sources in the security settings. But what if Google suspects something fishy? Open Play Store tap on the menu icon and select the’Play Protect’ option, now disable the scanning device for security threats’ option and that’s it.

Register and Subscribe

The tricky part of setting up the target device is done, now open the browser and go to the Hoverwatch Official website, sign up with your account and get a subscription (select any plan you want), make the payment and you’ll get a link to download the software.

Download and Spy

Download the software and you’re done, tracking the device from anywhere at any time, without being detected.

What are the features of the installed application

Now that you have successfully installed the application, here is a list of its top 3 features.

Track Phone Location

Most phone tracking applications use Wi-Fi or the GPS to track the phone but when both of them are turned off the apps fail to locate the phone, but Hoverwatch does not need either of these to tell you your device’s location.

Hoverwatch viewer

For easier viewing of magazines on another device, use the Hoverwatch Viewer. See all the magazines on your Android phone. Hoverwatch Viewer will show all actions on another device, sorted by activity.

Stealth Mode

Once installed, the Hoverwatch application is unable to detect the target as the application has a stealth mode which is automatically enabled after installation.

Social Media Tracking

Hoverwatch lets you monitor the social media accounts that the target has logged into on the device and also allows you to read all the social media messages from apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Here’s how these features help parents keep their teens away from trouble.

Examples of using the application in child monitoring

One such example of a parent using Hoverwatch to monitor their child’s safety is discussed here. The parent noticed a sudden change in the child’s behavior and despite constant efforts failed to know the reason behind this sudden change.

Then the parent installed the Hoverwatch application on their child’s phone and the reason for the child’s temperamental switch was shocking. It was found that the teen had become a drug addict and was being misguided. The parent immediately intervened and helped the young adult quit this habit.

Pros and cons of such programs

These spy programs have their share of pros and cons, depending on the way you decide to use them. If used properly these phone tracking applications can be an asset if not, they can be a dangerous liability. In the case of parents monitoring their children, such programs prove to be very useful and are a must for keeping your child away from harm’s way as you never know what they are facing.


Phone tracking applications are great when utilized to their potential and for the right reasons. And to look after children and prevent them from getting hurt, using a phone tracking app like Hoverwatch becomes necessary.


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