Seeing your boyfriend glued to his phone and hearing that tapping sound while you’re in front of him can put anyone’s nose out of joint. My cousin was not an expectation. She was fed up with this and wanted to unearth the truth on her own. 

As her boyfriend always had an excuse, which she thought was highly absurd, she knocked on the doors of technology for help. Indeed, technology had a solution to the problem. 

She learned about a 100% discreet text message spying app that allowed her to read his boyfriend’s text messages. The app helped her at every step and guided her to find out what her boyfriend is actually cooking.

She shared that secret app with me and I am sharing it with the rest of the world with the help of this article. I guess, seeing how the mobile phone has eased down double-dealing, we all must know about this wonderful text message spy app. 

Spyic – Putting an end to double-dealing easily 

Spyic online was the solution that my cousin tried to catch her boyfriend red-handed. And, to my surprise, she managed the entire endeavor without anyone’s help and creating any hassles for herself. 

This made me believe that Spyic was no run of the mill solution. It was extraordinary and was faith was reinforced further when my cousin told that: 

  • Spyic has been trusted by over a million people across the globe. 
  • Many leading media outlets like Forbes and PCMag have featured Spyic many times.  
  • It works in a 100% discreet manner. 

The revelation was very surprising and impressive. It took me less than a second to realize that if I ever required to read texts on my boyfriend’s phone, Spyic would be my first choice. 


Now, that it’s clear Spyic is a well-known text message spying app, it’s time to find out how it knocks for six and helps you in your venture. 

There is no jailbreak/rooting 

For many years, jailbreak/rooting used to be one of the viable options to spy on text messages. But, these options can turn into threats to life and limb if a single step goes wrong. 

For instance, you can damage the targeted device once and for all or you can invite many cyber threats. But, Spyic doesn’t create death-trap for you. Its inventive technology is free from jailbreak/rooting completely. So, there is nothing to be worried about. 



It backs you always  

Spyic is filled with features that ensure no one is able to find out what you’re up to. For instance, 

  • Its browser-based dashboard 

It’s dashboard can be accessed using any data-driven device and browser. All information will be delivered directly over the dashboard with zero interference from any other third-person. 


  • Stealth mode 

Spyic for Android comes with a highly advanced feature which is stealth mode.

As soon as the user activates this mode, the app starts running in hidden mode. The app icon vanishes from the app list and homepage and no one can find out its presence on the targeted device. 

You don’t have to be an Einstein to use Spyic 

When my cousin told me that she had a need of spying on her boyfriend’s text messages, I was very concerned. My concern was not baseless. She was a girl with very basic technical knowledge. 

The most advanced stuff, related to the internet or phone, she can do is create a back-up of her iPhone and upload a movie on Drop-box. That’s it. With such basic knowledge, how will she manage to spy on her boyfriend’s messages? 

But, she succeeded. It was possible because of the user-friendly interface of Spyic. Spyic of iOS comes with no download/installation. Hence, its set-up is not going to eat your head. 

Though Spyic for Android demands download/installation, its entire process is very easy and familiar. It’s like any other Android app. Also, the app size is less than 2MB which means, it’s only a two-minute job. So, it won’t take long. 

A complete solution for every problem

If cheating is on someone’s mind that texting is not the only way. Hence, one must keep an eye on various other moves to catch a cheater and this is what Spyic does. 

It was not only the text messages that my cousin was able to read.  

There were around 35+ other phone activities that can be monitored with full conviction and perfection. For instance, the calling history, contacts, presence on various social media accounts, phone location, etc. 

In short, Spyic is able to keep tabs on almost every move that a person can make using the mobile. It’s like hitting the jackpot. Isn’t it? 

Text message spying with full conviction 

To give you accurate and reliable text message spying results, Spyic has a very advanced keylogger to help you out. This keylogger records every keystroke made on the targeted device and keeps you updated with every move. 

Its performance is flawless. Traditional flaws like heating-up the device and reducing performance have no place in Spyic’s keylogger. This is why its users can easily experience real-time data entries without any worries. 

As every data comes with a timestamp, you can easily verify the results as well. So, there is nothing to be worried about. 

It’s the most cost-effective deal 

Well, there is more to add is the perks of being Spyic’s customer. When you decide to use Spyic, you should be sure of many things, and getting a cost-effective deal is amongst them. 

At $10, you can use it for the whole month and enjoy its risk-free monitoring over around 35+ phone activities. It may be hard to digest but it’s true.

While the best deal you can make at $10 is to have a morning movie ticket with popcorn & Pepsi with your boyfriend, Spyic has a lot better to offer. 

Let no secret take-off your peace of mind 

Secrets are like molds that can ruin any relationship. If you have a gut feeling that your boyfriend is hiding something and is getting evolved with someone else or sexting with someone else, you must take the matter in your hand. 

With the help of a feature-rich phone spying app such as Spyic, you can easily find out the truth and have ultimate peace of mind. Using it is like a cakewalk. 


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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