After launching Messenger app, Facebook won’t let you message your friends from within the main Facebook app. Facebook app started notifying users that they would no longer be able to send or receive a message to friends from within the Facebook app, and force users to use its standalone Messenger app which was disliked by many users. Many users especially users who don’t have enough space on their device and have low on storage hate this move by Facebook to install the Facebook Messenger app along with a Facebook app to send receive messages. It is really annoying sometimes to use Messanger app only to read messages But don’t worry with this trick you can Send Facebook Messages without using Messenger App. Many methods already available on the Internet but most of them not working anymore that’s why we provide you the working trick with that you can easily Send Facebook Messages without using Messenger App. We provide you the tools which create a patched Facebook apk to Send Facebook Messages without using Messenger App. So follow the below steps to use Facebook app with built-in Messenger. 

How to Send Facebook Messages without using Messenger App

How to Send Facebook Messages without using Messenger App

You can see Facebook Messages within the main app without installing messenger with the help of FBPatcher tool. Java-based FBPatcher tool allows you to enable Messenger functionality built-into the Facebook app. Big Thanks to XDA Senior Member lorantmwho provides the FBPatcher tool which uses Facebook APK as input and will provide you a patched Facebook APK with Messenger functionality as output. With this patched apk, if you don’t have facebook messenger you can still get messages. So Download FBPatcher tool and start using patched Facebook apk to start Sending Facebook Messages without using Messenger App. Follow the below steps to see how to use FBPatcher tool to create a patched Facebook APK, but before that check out Features of FBPatcher tool. 

Features of FBPatcher Tool

● Send messages directly from the main Facebook app without the need to install Messenger.
● Send images and videos from your gallery or using Messenger’s QuickCam feature.
● Edit images and cut videos before sending them.
● Share images from conversations to Facebook.
● Record and send audio clips.
● Send events and locations.
● Send emojis, stickers and big likes.
● See cool snow fall and floating hearts when sending the appropriate emojis.
● Play Messenger’s basketball game (without score submission though).

Known issues
● On some versions prior to the app crashes if you scroll down 20 messages in thread list, this is not the patcher’s fault, use the latest version of Facebook to avoid this bug.
● Title bar’s back & info buttons don’t work in the Messenger window.
● GIF button does nothing.
● Tapping Payment button causes a crash.
● In thread list context menu, tapping ‘Mute notifications’ causes a crash.
● On Marshmallow, if the Messenger window asks you for some permission and you click the blue button, the app will crash — you should grant these permissions for Facebook from Settings!
● Your basketball score won’t be submitted to the thread.

How to use FBPatcher tool

1) You should be on latest Java runtime if you haven’t, download or update it first.

2) Now download FBPatcher Tool and extract the files to ‘C:\fbpatcher‘.

3) Now Download the latest version of Facebook apk from apkmirror.

4) Move the Facebook apk to the FBPatcher folder, and rename it to ‘fb.apk‘.


5) Now Double-click on ‘fbpatcher.bat‘ to start the patching.



6) If successful, you will get a file ‘fb-patched.apk‘.

FBPatcher apk

7) Copy the above patched Facebook app to your device an install it.

8) Done! Enjoy the Facebook Messenger within Facebook app

So Download FBPatcher Tool patched the Facebook apk and See Messages in the Facebook App Without Downloading Messenger. Share the app with your friends and comment below if you know any better alternative. 

Source – XDA


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    • Posting a pactched or modded apk will some T&C…The above steps is very simple though and it takes hardly 10min for complete process.

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