Many companies furnish their staff with company phones to enable them to communicate better and ease their work. However, as a company owner, you might want to ensure that those phones are being used for the right purposes. In this age of social media, industrial espionage and other vices, tracking the use of these phones are essential, if not critical.

This is where Cocospy comes in. This exceptional cell phone tracking app has been hailed by Forbes, PC World and other notable entities as the best stealth app for monitoring everything on target phones without being detected.

Unlike hacking the phones or the use of tracking bugs which takes plenty of time and is somewhat complicated, with Cocospy, all you need is to sign up for an account. As soon as you confirm that you plan to use the service for legal purposes, you get a download link for getting the app into your device.

What you can do with Cocospy:

Cocospy has been built with all the features it takes to make a useful phone tracker app. It is rather difficult to find a reliable spy app that offers you the functions below:

Gain access to social media and texts

Social media is an important aspect in business; your employees might be using it during work hours or slandering others or even your business online. Again, most employees use social media and SMS to share vital business information. With Cocospy, you get to view all the apps that users have installed on their phone and monitor their usage on your dashboard.

This app gives you access to your employees’ Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, and all other major networks. In addition to social media, if you’d like to learn phone number tracker free app, Cocospy will enable you to view the texts they are sending via the target phone’s default messaging application, complete with all the multi-media attachments sent.

Location tracking

If you are worried that a particular employee is going to places that are dangerous for them or your business, Cocospy has got you covered. With their remarkable Geo-fencing feature, you can input the coordinates of areas that you deem out of bounds and get alerts in case the phone owner is in that place. Cocospy uses GPS to locate the target device’s owner and give you real-time coordinates of where they are.

Access call log

Need to know who the phone is being used to contact daily? Cocospy gives you full access to the most called contact, the entire call log complete with call duration, received and missed calls; as well as caller IDs. This feature keeps you one step ahead of any misconduct or scammers that may want to take advantage of your employees.

Browsing details

Many people nowadays take advantage of company resources such as high-speed Wi-Fi to access the internet, social media, personal projects such as blogs and side hustles, or even adult materials. This kind of behavior is the biggest hindrance of employee performance in most workplaces. If you have a strict internet use policy, you can use Cocospy to enforce it. With this spy app, you can access complete browser histories, bookmarks, and all the important details of the sites they have visited.

Why use Cocospy?

The best thing about Cocospy is that you do not have to have contact with the target phone, and it is completely undetectable. It does not leave a trail of code, files or even an icon behind. It works in stealth mode; monitoring the activity on the company phone in the background. Within a few minutes of installation and paying for your account, you can start getting real-time details of what the phone owner is up to if the device has access to a reliable internet connection.

Cocospy works for both iOS and Android devices. The best thing about it is that you can use it to access social media and all other details of the device without having to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android

Cocospy has a low-cost package that will suit all your business needs; you get to choose between a $20/month package or an annual $100 plan.


Cocospy is an exceptional app that will greatly benefit your business.


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