With millions of users every day, YouTube is unquestionably the most popular video sharing and hosting platform. Equipped only with an Internet connection and a supported device, you can watch several hours of music, TV programs, movies, and many more, free of charge.

Since YouTube gets millions of viewers every day, it’s an excellent place for digital ads. Businesses invest heavily in YouTube ads to advertise their products and services, which are displayed before, during, and after a video’s runtime. But sometimes, these advertisements can be very annoying!

These ads also track your personal activity online. Soon as you click on an ad, it records your details and indicates your interest in that item or service. And therefore, they’ll keep you sending similar ads. This way, they can breach your privacy and manipulate the quality of your browsing experience.

Can I Block Ads on YouTube for Android?

YouTube ads can become a major source of annoyance. Fortunately, there are applications designed to block ads from your browser or app. 

By using  YouTube app ad blockers or third-party clients, you can enjoy ad-free video streaming. However, you cannot remove ads from a native YouTube app as it won’t work.

Now, you could purchase a YouTube Premium subscription to get rid of ads. Even if YouTube Premium isn’t available in your area (a common problem), you could use a VPN and connect to a server in a supported location to sign up for the service.

However, this doesn’t block ads—only hides them with a paid subscription. Fortunately, there are a few ways to block ads from showing up in your videos completely.

Popular YouTube App Blockers for Android

1) AdBlock

AdBlock is a well-known ad blocker equipped with the capability to block YouTube ads on Google Chrome. This blocker has been around for years. Adblock eliminates advertisements that appear on both dynamic and static pages, making it a highly versatile adblocker.

AdBlock uses a subscription system that relies on a filter list. You will be able to create two separate lists — one for ads that you want to block, and one for ad types you wish to view. Accordingly, this software program blocks unwanted ads on your YouTube app. 

AdBlock also enables you to eliminate links to various social media sites, along with protection from malware attacks. Moreover, AdBlock is a perfect blocker for the YouTube app.

2) YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a Premium YouTube App ad-blocker for Android. The app has all the features offered by the  YouTube app, using core UI and app designs. Vanced also includes access to subscription-only features for free—features such as video downloads.

Possessing all of the original YouTube app’s primary functions, YouTube Vanced has some additional features to separate it from the base YouTube app. You can log-in using your Google Account as well as sync your data with the existing account to keep your information secure.

3) UBlock Original

Developed on an open-source platform, UBlock Original is a free blocker app capable of blocking ads in Google Chrome and YouTube.  Millions of users worldwide use this blocker, and many have chosen UBlock as their primary ad-blocker, beating out AdBlock.

UBlock uses a blocklist mechanism that allows users to customize the app entirely. You choose which ads you want to block and which ones you want to view, thus giving you complete control over the content you see.

4) AdGuard

AdGuard is a powerful application that effectively eliminates all sorts of advertisements from YouTube. This app is capable enough to remove both pop-up and pop-under types of advertisements. Not only does it removes ads, but can it also easily eliminate dangerous malware and spurious elements like dialers.

You can implement this application in your Chrome browser as a plugin. It also offers you a better Internet experience by increasing possible website load in your browser. Available for free with an optional Premium plan, this lightweight app will save you on bandwidth.

5) DNS66

DNS66 is yet another well-known repository based ad blocking app for Android.  By filtering all types of ads such as web ads, pop-up ads, app ads, etc., it creates an encrypted server.

Apart from blocking ads, DNS66 eliminates all advertisements that you encounter when you use a smartphone. It also allows you to retain privacy with many options available including Ad Tracker Host, DNS Host, Malware Host, and more.

6) AdClear

Developed by XDA developers, AdClear is a non-root adblocker. It creates a VPN on the device and routes ad traffic through that VPN, preventing ads from reaching you.

Also, AdClear eliminates encrypted ads and is capable of removing all sorts of ads, be it intrusive or non-intrusive, on all the apps.

7) NewPipe

NewPipe is an open-source, lightweight YouTube alternative that has a front-end YT interface. This app doesn’t require any Google API or Google Play Services to run — the feature that separates it from other YouTube alternatives.

NewPipe collects the URL source of YouTube websites and displays it in the app. NewPipe is especially useful for low-powered Android devices.

NewPipe also comes with other YouTube features, such as the ability to play videos in the background and choosing the resolution you watch videos in.

8) NoScript

NoScript is one of the most popular ad blocker tools out there. It eliminates YouTube ads in your browser. This tool takes a technical approach to eradicate ads and breaks down the underlying scripts that run in order to display ads.

The Bottom Line

You can get rid of irritating ads on YouTube with the use of the ad-blockers mentioned above. Most of them can eliminate ads that may pop up while you watch videos on YouTube, along with protecting malware and spyware. These pop-ups not only slow down website loading but also steal your personal information, which could prove to be a potential privacy threat.



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