It is possible for your website to be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any hour of the day. A website is the embodiment of accessibility as well as visibility in a world in which we’re seeing a persistent drift away from brick-and-mortar retailers to eCommerce, hence the increasing importance of digital marketing. 

This drift is particularly true when one speaks about mobile devices as smartphones and the like are  rapidly providing viable alternatives to computers as the favoured method of making purchases. A good website that is equally friendly on mobile as well as desktop, in addition to a site that is mobile-optimised, will rank higher on Google in addition to other similar search engines. 

Email opens on mobile currently outnumber the number of email opens on desktop. This means that if you email campaigns (and you absolutely should be doing this as part of your digital marketing campaigns) if your messages are optimised for mobile it will be seamless experience for those people who look at your email on mobile and then make the decision to navigate to your website.

greatest digital marketing asset

The digital marketing value of your website

On the current scene of social media accounts, digital ads, blog posts as well as apps, your website remains as your most valuable digital marketing asset. This is because:

  • It sits in a distinctive place among your collective digital marketing content, as well as the fact that 
  • There’s nothing that reasonably matches it for reach, impact as well as credibility. 

In a manner that is nothing like almost any other aspect of marketing, traditional or digital, you retain complete control over your site. You aren’t held hostage by other platforms – such as Facebook or Twitter – which simply are the host for your content. 

This is a huge burden of responsibility on the website owner. However, it also provides a huge benefit in terms of how you can craft the user’s experience of your company and brand. You also have the power over making changes to the manner in which you portray the content that you produce. There’s more to your site than you ever thought possible. As such, it plays a larger part in your digital marketing strategy than first meets the eye.

The digital marketing benefits of your website

Integrity, visibility, accessibility as well as leads are a few of the benefits that having a website for your business will give you. If you don’t have a website, your company has limited control over its online presence. As such, it is necessary for you to rely on third parties in order to correctly offer limited information.

Although web design as well as digital marketing may seem like two very different areas, they are inextricably linked. As we’ve said previously, your site is one of the most vital, if not the most vital, digital marketing assets which you have. Nothing more clearly communicates to your customers:

  • Who you are, 
  • What you do, as well as 
  • Who you serve.

 Your website is your salesperson

A website is your number one salesperson.  The website of a brand is central to the online and offline sales process. A website needs to be more than a glorified brochure. They need to do the following:

  • Convey the brand’s personality, 
  • Offer information for each and every phase of the sales process, and 
  • Integrate into digital marketing as well as sales meaningfully.

Websites act as tools which influence all parts of the digital marketing to sales funnel. At the beginning of the funnel, websites perform the function of attracting prospects and introducing your brand to new likely buyers. As the buyers progress down the funnel, websites can reinforce a sale by:

  • Offering trust factors, 
  • Fielding the due diligence of buyers, 
  • Removing doubt, and 
  • Reinforcing the value proposition of your brand as well as of your brand’s offering.

An easy-to-use, fast as well as effective website isn’t just a nice to have any more. It’s a must-have. Your customers expect it. Every day that your website isn’t up to scratch means that more money goes to your competitors who are getting it right.


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