How To Install Google Play Store On MIUI 8 (Install Play Services)

Today we discuss How To Install Google Play Store On MIUI 8. As we know, Xiaomi released the MIUI 8 ROM, which is already available for many devices. When you have flashed MIUI 8 China Stable ROM or Developer ROM on any Xiaomi phones you see no Play Store app in it. Even some Global ROM does not come with Play Store. This means you can’t use Play services or install any apps on your device from Play Store. For those who update their phone to MIUI 8 and looking for playstore can manually install Google Play Store on MIUI 8. With this guide, you can install PlayStore on any Xiaomi device running on MIUI 8 like Mi3, Mi4, Mi4i, Redmi Note, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi Note 3, etc. So follow the below tutorial to Install Play Store On MIUI 8.

Download Google Installer v2 from below link to Install Google Play Store On MIUI 8. So don’t worry if you are upgrading to MIUI 8, which doesn’t come with playstore. You can Install Google Play Store On MIUI 8 by installing a simple app named Google Installer, which contains all Google apps and you can install any app with a single click. Download below file to Install Google Playstore On Xiaomi MIUI 8.

How To Install Google Play Store On MIUI 8

Download Google Installer v2

Download Google installer apk

Steps to Install Google Play Store On MIUI 8 –

1) First, download the Latest Google Installer apk from above and save it on your device.

2) Now enable the Unknown Sources. To enable Unknown Sources, go to phone settings –> Additional Setting and enable the Unknown Sources.

3) Now open the file manager and browse for Google_Installer.apk file.

4) Now to install the Google Installer on your phone just click on apk and run the file.


5) Open the Google Installer app after the installation complete.

6) Now click on the blue button. This will install all the play services on your device.

Google installer1

7) Done! This will Install Google Play Store and Play Services On MIUI 8.


8) Reboot your device after installing Google Play services.

So this is the complete guide of how to manually Install Google Play Store On MIUI 8 devices. If you have any doubts comment below.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

42 Responses

  1. Dinh Nguyen Tien says:

    Hey :) I have installed Google play and other stuffs, but Google i have problem, I cannot download any apps from GP, Its asking for “Authentication is requiered …” Any suggestions?

    • IDK says:

      I recently bought Xiaomi Redmi 3 and I was facing the same problem. The ONLY thing you should do is to download the latest version of Google Play Services Apk and I strongly recommend you to visit the site androidapksfree and search for the latest verison. Hope this will work for you guys :)

      • Angel says:

        Another solution that worked for mw was: rebooting the phone after tou install all the google apps and then delete the google account you used to register. ONce you delete the account just added it again and everything will work perfectly

  2. Safinah Said says:

    This is really helps me but it works until step 2 only. while i’m continuing install, it stuck at step 3, which is Google Play Services. I’m really need your help.

  3. Arsh dingj says:

    Plz give me the solution of the problem. All things goes write upto 6th step.after I touch the blue button Google play services start installing after it gets installed it gets open and I click on install but the installation stop and a cross appear below the heading Google services framework.plz tell the solution

  4. Arsh singh says:

    Srry my name is Arsh Singh not Singh

  5. Arsh singh says:

    Hey sumit I again stuck at downloading up to 5 percent

  6. Arsh singh says:

    I’m using redmi 2 prime

  7. Arsh singh says:

    But i have updated my phone to mini 8

  8. Arsh singh says:

    Haha again all goes write up to 5 percent and then a cross appear below the heading Google services framework

  9. Arsh singh says:

    I’m a fan of clash of clans I can’t play it without Google services. Plz tell me some trick

  10. Arsh singh says:

    My brother deleted play store from my phone

  11. Arsh singh says:

    Plz. Tell me the solution

    • Sumit says:

      Sorry Arsh I’m out of ideas. Both versions of Google Installer not worked for you. I don’t what happens it works fine for me and friends. I don’t know any other method to install play service on non rooted phones. Maybe factory reset is the last option for you.
      One more thing did you also uninstall the play services from settings before installing the Google Installer?

  12. Arsh singh says:

    No I don’t uninstalled to do that

  13. Arsh singh says:

    Sumit I have a idea to delete your play store and try to download it again.i known you will succeed in downloading it again.but plz share the steps with me

  14. Sumit says:

    Uninstall the play services from phone settings – > Apps and you can find it there. After that reboot your device and try installing the Google Installer again. If this also won’t work for you then perform a factory reset.

  15. Arsh singh says:

    I cannot fully uninstall it. I can only stop it’s updates and clear cache and it ok

  16. david says:

    Hi, go to installed apps & uninstall google play services & play store. Then u launch google installer again . should work

  17. Arsh singh says:

    Tanx sumit.srry I forget to tank

  18. Thank you. Work for my Mi Note 4G MIUI 8 China ROM.

  19. Amol says:

    I am having issues with Contact Syns. The google account sync not show contact sync option while other options are still there like drive, gmail, app data…

    I have also tried google installer version 3 but same issue.

  20. Silke says:

    Hi I have the same problem like Safina – it stop at step 3 – Google Play Services. I already made a factory reset but it did not help. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Pro with MIUI 8 and Android 6.0.
    PLEASE help!!!

  21. Silke says:

    I found the solution – Google Play Services Need to be uninstalled (factory reset) – if there is no Google Play Services installed the Google install tool work :-)
    Thanks for the tool – now my son and me can Play Pokemon Go again :-)

  22. Daniel Marciano says:

    Simply PERFECT. Thanks a lot!!!

  23. Sandra says:

    thanks a lot for this. It worked perfectly and was so easy!

  24. Naresh says:

    “google Installer” installation update failing while installing “Service frame work” any idea.
    I am trying this proposed solution in on Remi 2 Prime after MIUI8 update

  25. Agusia says:

    I tried to install google installer on a few ways and always I meet one of the problems. The first one is that I can’t log into Google account because “there is a problem communicating with Google servers”. So then, I unistalled all Google apps and intalled Google Installer from Xiaomi Store. However, in this case I can’t synchronise my contact, although I have contacts sync. downloaded, all permissions allowed. In the setting of synchronisation of Google account there’s no “contacts” only “people data”. I don’t know if it’s the same but anyway – the contacts are not synchronised :( I tried to install and uninstall all google services several times and always one of the errors ocures (depending on from where I download the intaller)

  26. Amam singh says:

    After miui 8 flashing In my euphoria my Net is not working and camera is not working plzz explain what to do..

  27. Ghn says:

    Same problem with Safina and Silke, it stucks at step 3. Don’t know why.

  28. Steve Jes says:

    Thanks so much Sumit! Works like a charm! That article was very helpful.

  29. Rog says:

    Hi Agusia, how did you solve it. Please share. Thanks.

  30. Stefen says:

    I have installed the whole steps, but why i can’t enter into google play store, it just keeps loading.
    Anyone please help , thanks a lot!

  31. Naga says:

    I face the same problem as Stefen… after installing play store it keeps on checking… but not loading…device is MI PAD 3

  32. Tham says:

    Hi there,
    My problem is getting stucked on ”checking info…” while opening google play app.
    Any idea for me? I’m with mi 6 at the moment.

  33. jordan says:

    I am on MIUI 8.5.2 on MI5 phone, this version of google installer is not working on my MIUI vesion. indeed Play store keep loading and not responding. Anyone know how to install google play on MIUI 8.5.2

  34. ramdhani says:

    Thank you stechguide, it works on my redmi pro with china stable rom. thank you for such a nice share

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