Naming a business is no easy job, and it can take a lot of time. This is also a very important task, and most business owners don’t want to rush the decision. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks when it comes to naming your tech startup, and you can come a long way by simply following a few guidelines. Let’s look at some of them.

Name Tips for Tech Startups

Use a helpful tool 

First and foremost, finding actual name suggestions can be difficult, and sometimes we just need a place to start. This is where it is a good idea to look for a helpful naming tool online, to get the process started. Digital name generators are great for finding some names to brainstorm from, or even give ideas with synonyms or similar words. By using a free business name generator, you can streamline the naming process by generating unique and available name ideas based on keywords you submit. It is a great way to get some inspiration and to pick a name that isn’t already taken. 

Find an allusion 

For a tech business, it might be tempting to choose a highly descriptive name. And it makes sense. You want the customer to know what you are doing, and which services and products they can expect from you. However, it is better to aim for an allusion as it is less generic, and people are more likely to remember it. You should also work on marketing your tech startup well so that the name gets out there and reaches the consumers. 

Think international

One factor that is perhaps quite obvious, but not the least important, is to think globally when choosing a name. This is because you don’t want it to translate to something awkward, or even offensive. Think of the country you are based in, but also where you wish to expand in the future. A name can also have negative connotations in some areas, so do user research on the name in several areas. 

Differentiate yourself from the others

Lastly, it is so crucial that you stand out from the crowd, and take a different route than other, similar companies. Some tech businesses tend to fall in the same name-hole, and can easily be mistaken for one another, the same goes for logos. So, investigate the industry and the big companies well, and see where you can be different. Think creatively and do a lot of brainstorming. One unconventional tip is to reverse brainstorming and think of some names you would never call your business; it might spark some good ideas after all. 

Names hold power, and a first impression is key. This is also why your business name is important. It is likely to be the first thing a potential customer sees and will make up the first thought they have of your services. Sometimes the name just comes to you, and it is a success. Other times you need some help. Furthermore, it is important to remember that what you do with the name also matters. The name can help you gain attention and recognition, but no customer will buy a bad product just for its name. So, sit down, and think about some good and fitting name, then expand your tech business. Good luck!


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