Being open-source platform Android has always been a preferred choice of users. While it offers tons of useful features and works seamlessly when you buy brand new device, you may encounter certain performance issues over a period. If you think your device isn’t working as it used to be, then here are some quick fixes for you. Let’s discuss how to optimize your Android device for better performance using best Android cleaner apps.  

Cleaner for Android:

Cleaner for Android

Cleaner for Android is advanced phone memory cleaner app that keeps you device in good shape. It helps you boost and optimize your device for better performance. You can use Cleaner for Android to clean junk, de-duplicate device storage, optimize phone battery, manage applications, and more. It is compatible with all latest Android versions to deliver effective results. 

Features of Cleaner for Android

  • Its Quick RAM booster helps you kill all unnecessary tasks running on RAM to optimize your device performance. It works as an effective RAM cleaner for Android for better device performance. 
  • Working as a powerful junk cleaner for Android, its deep scans your device storage to find & clean junk files even from the remotest corners of your device. 
  • It helps you deal with battery drain problem by killing unnecessary tasks running in the background. 
  • With Game Speedup module, it helps your free up device resources while playing resource hungry game plays. It is helpful to improve overall gaming experience. 

In other features it offers, file explorer to manage files, duplicate file remover to find & delete duplicate files, hibernate module to save device resources and WhatsApp module to help you manage and remove WhatsApp media files efficiently. 

Super Cleaner:

Super Cleaner

Use this powerful Android cleaner and optimizer to speed up your device performance. It works as a booster, antivirus and Android cleaner app to deliver seamless user experience. Super Cleaner is trusted by over 100 million people around the world with 4.7 ratings on Google Play Store. Its deep scans your device storage to analyze all junk and clean it effectively. It helps you free up GB’s of disk space effortlessly. 

Features of Super Cleaner

  • It works as cache cleaner and junk cleaner to remove unnecessary files from your device.
  • It works as a phone booster to optimize memory and speed up your device. 
  • Working as a game booster, it helps you clean and free up memory space for seamless gaming experience. 
  • It also works as an antivirus to protect your device from virus threat. 
  • Additionally, it offers app lock and app manage features. 

Clean Master:

Clean Master

Clean Master works as an effective mobile optimization and antivirus tool to keep your device up and running. You can use this smart Android cleaner app for Android to free up valuable storage space and RAM for faster device speed. It helps you clean cache, log files, temporary files, temporary Internet files and more on your device. Its one tap boost feature helps you save lot of time while working automatically. 

Features of Clean Master

  • In addition to working as an effective cleaner app for Android, it also works as a powerful antivirus tool to keep your device protected from virus threat. 
  • It works as a battery manager and helps you save battery and extend battery life. 
  • Its game master feature helps your free up space to boost gaming performance. 

Norton Clean, Junk Removal:

Norton Clean, Junk Removal

Use Norton Clean to reclaim chunks of storage space while speeding up your overall device performance. It helps you clean junk files, residual files and optimize memory for better device performance. It offers different cleaning modules to free up GBs of storage space in few clicks process. 

Features or Norton Clean, Junk Removal

  • It offers different cleaning modules to keep your device clean & optimized for better performance. These modules include cache cleaner, junk remover, APK file remover and residual file remover. 
  • It works as an effective memory optimizer where it cleans & optimizes your device to boost its performance. 
  • It works as an app cleaner to uninstall unnecessary apps. It also offers app manager feature to help you manage unwanted apps efficiently. 

Booster for Android:

Booster for Android

If you are looking for personalized essential cleaning tool for your Android device, then Booster for Android should be your pick. This state-of-the-art solution helps you clean & optimize your device for better performance. If you think that is not enough, it also helps you optimize your device battery life and optimize overall Android performance.

Features of Booster for Android

  • Its junk cleaner and boost mobile feature optimizes your overall device performance. 
  • It works as a battery saver where it allows you to switch between 3 battery usage profiles. 
  • Its CPU cooldown feature helps you manage resource hungry apps for better performance. 

So, this was a quick review of 5 best Android cleaner & optimizer tools you should try to boost your device performance. Do try them and share your experience in the comments below.


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