Today we share a trick to Play Pokemon GO Without Going Anywhere. The best part of this trick is you don’t need root access. Pokemon Go is using the real world environment as a base for its gameplay features. Pokemon Go allows players to capture the Pokemon using their smartphones. You can catch the Pokémon in your home, neighbor, market, on your school, or anywhere, if you can go there, you can catch a Pokémon there with Pokémon Go. As you walk around, you can discover more creatures, and you can battle with other Pokemon trainers, fight for the control of Pokemon Gym locations and catch all of them. But what if you don’t want to leave your home or don’t want to go anywhere? In that case, you can check this trick to Play Pokemon GO at Home without going anywhere. 

Pokemon Go is the hottest topic on the internet from over a month. Pokemon Go hacks, tips, tricks, and cheats have been flooding the web. And we also shared a trick to Play Pokemon GO Without Moving before, but that only work if you are a rooted user. Not everyone rooted their phone or don’t want to root their device and for those, we present you a trick to play Pokemon go without going anywhere without root. Follow below steps to play Pokemon Go without leaving house.

Play Pokemon GO Without Going Anywhere

Requirments –

How to Play Pokemon GO without Going Anywhere

1) Download and install the Pokemon Go apk from above (If you already installed the game then skip this step).

2) Download and install the Fake GPS app.

3) Now enable developer option from settings. To enable Developer Options, go to About phone and tap the Build Number 7 times.

4) In developer options, Locate “Select mock location app” & choose Fly GPS (

Fake GPS

5) Enable your device GPS by setting it to High Accuracy.

6) Now open Fake GPS and click on your desired location or any location.

7) Now click on the “Please select the menu”.

8) Tap on “GPS Service Run” which opens another menu. Tap on “Joystick location mode [Pokemon]”.

9) Done! Now open Pokemon Go and start playing.

Fake GPS1

This is the easiest way to play Pokemon go without going anywhere or play Pokemon Go at home. If you like this trick, share it with your friends.


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    • In setting go to location option and there you can found 3 options High Accuracy, Battery saving and Device only.

  1. And hey on my phone Mi4i every time I try to use that po-go joystick mode it shows a message ” this version does not work correctly lowered. [Masimelrowoo] to normal operation only in later version.

    • It only works on Marshmallow 6.0 and above. Try rooted method instead (If you have rooted device)

  2. I think it stopped working. It was working fine but after a couple of hours. I can no longer get items from pokestops(bags not full) and i cant catch any pokemon(always flees after 1st failed throw). Help

    • as you probably figured out now it is a soft ban, spin the stop and exit several times and it will be back to normal in a minute or two.

  3. Ambot it is just a soft ban don’t worry it will start working again in as little as 30 minutes to 4 hours

  4. What if we dont want root our device can anyone provide with some solution?????

  5. bhaktesh parmar Reply

    Mere Redmi note 3 me Khali mock location option at a hai lekin mock location app nahi dikhata option hi nahi hai

  6. lIIumanati Reply

    Some phones can’t set mocking location, any other methods ?

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