Real estate businesses can be digitalized using software. First of all, we are speaking of mobile applications and CRM systems. They help to facilitate user interaction, and the CRM system takes over the mechanization of work methods, creating a single database of objects, customers, and transactions in one place. Specific property maintenance scheduling software is suitable for property agents, construction companies, and medium-sized contractors.

Benefits of forming a use and CRM systems

There are many advantages of developing specific software. Before introducing one of the programs into your company, it is important to know this.

Exist different applications. Using a special filter, the user gets informed of the prices of the desired real estate, looks through photos, plans, surroundings. The mobile application for real estate search allows you to immediately contact the seller, find out the details and arrange a viewing. When generating a real estate application, it becomes possible to take into record the pros and cons of the existing software to create a unique product.

A CRM can focus on real estate things, business customers, or provide a comprehensive marketing solution, the main benefit of which is the creation of a single database with objects, clients, and transactions. A base that any employee of the company can work with, planning actions and managing the necessary tasks. The choice of CRM systems is large, but not everyone is suitable for a boxed solution. The creation and customization of an individual CRM method is a win-win option for marketing optimization.

Main aspects 

At the origin of the research for the desired property, the user usually opens a mobile application, the business which is divided into rental and sale categories. For a business owner, a mobile app is a great tool for attracting new customers and interacting with them without ads or competitors.

So, the principal purposes of applications are:

  • research filter with needed parameters;
  • video and photo of things;
  • interactive area map;
  • 3D tours and plans;
  • subscription to news and special offers in selected categories and search parameters;
  • fast communication.

Announcement card

Announcement cards can be presented in different ways (list, map). The application for the sale of real estate may include ads by price, location, plan, photos, video presentation. Whereas the real estate rental application in its ads can provide the user with information about the rental periods. Both options in the announcement card may include the ability to rate and ask a question.

The principal purposes of a CRM system for a real estate company

The useful capabilities of CRM systems help to optimize interaction with customers and real estate objects. The manager receives tools for analysis, and managers – the industrialization of work methods. CRM systems have the rich capability, but important functions are the following:

  • all types of communication with the client in one system – telephony, mail, instant messengers, chats. For each channel, settings and templates are possible;
  • automated document flow. The accounting system can create, register, fill out and store documents for customers and transactions;
  • planning and running with tasks. CRM system helps to optimize performance time by building tasks.

Admin panel

Logging into the CRM system is carried out from the desktop and different levels of access for workers are likely. The admin panel contains various tools for financial and purchasing analysis, a database of objects and customers with the ability to connect, documents and materials on real estate, a kind of templates plus settings for marketing automation.


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