A garage door is a vital aspect of every home. If someone questions, “why is my garage door so loud?”, there is a possibility that it requires repairs and maintenance. Safety is one of the prime reasons why a properly functioning garage door is needed. Grinding and screeching sounds can disrupt a peaceful ambiance, and can also indicate several other issues that can cause future complications.

The importance of timely maintenance and care

Spending some money every year and maintaining the garage door keeps it running smoothly without making an unnecessary sound. With timely maintenance and some fixes, one can prevent the noisy garage doors from giving troubles and issues. Garage doors are quite heavy, and DIY repairs can be hazardous. Thus, it is better to seek professional help to fix noisy garage doors. Understanding the reasons behind a noisy and loud functioning garage door helps to identify the right measures to fix it.

Tracks bent

In case the garage door is struggling to open and close, there is a huge possibility that the metal track of the door might be bent. When tracks are bent, they make a loud and noisy rubbing noise as the garage door moves. It is also recommended to check the loose rollers and screws that can be present due to the damaged track. Consulting a garage door repair specialist is the best option as he/she can adjust and align the tracks correctly.

Loose garage door parts

A garage door depends on different parts and components that work together to open and close. The parts like nuts, bolts, rollers, hinges, chains, etc., must be in optimal condition so that the garage door can function seamlessly. With time, some of the parts will wear out making the door function improperly. If any one of the parts wears out, the door can malfunction, making a screeching sound, notifying that it is time for maintenance.

  •       When nuts and bolts become loose, they vibrate, causing a rattling sound when the garage door opens and closes.
  •       The moment rollers and hinges start wobbling; it indicates that they require replacing or tightening. One might hear high-pitch squeaking noises when hinges and rollers start wearing.
  •       If the garage door opener chain becomes loose, there is a loud slapping noise with a jerky movement of the door.

If one questions “why is my garage door so loud?”, the above-mentioned loose parts might be the reasons.

Poor lubrication and unbalanced doors

Lubrication plays a big role in the efficient and smooth functioning of garage doors. Without proper lubrication, the worn-out hardware parts and rollers of the garage door will rub against each other and make noise. One can hear grinding, rattling, and squeaking sounds. This is perhaps one of the easy fixes. Garage doors must be equipped with balanced springs for placing tension so that they can be raised and lowered properly. If the door becomes unbalanced, the result can be snapped cable with unwanted noises.


The above-mentioned are some of the answers to “why is my garage door so loud?” Seeking services from a reliable and professional garage door repair specialist can fix the issues efficiently.



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