Amazon offered Moto G4 phones at $50 discount for Prime Members. But the phone comes with Lockscreen and Notifications Ads. The phone also come with a bunch of Amazon Bloatware like Amazon shopping, Kindle, Video, and Music apps. But you can remove Amazon ads and Amazon apps from Moto G4 quickly with few simple steps. So follow the below guide to Remove Amazon Ads and Bloatware from Moto G4.  

Amazon is giving you a choice whether to buy the phone at a lower price with ads, or the conventional device at a higher cost. If you choose the first option, then you can easily Remove Amazon Ads and Bloatware from Moto G4 Plus. This will replace the version of the software that ships with Amazon Prime variant of the phone with the original phone you bought from another source. So follow the below guide to remove Amazon ads and bloats from Moto G 4th gen.

Amazon not only shows the ads on the mobile lock screen but you can also see Amazon Ads all around the web. Amazon ads follow you all over the internet because they are following you and your internet activities and behavior. You can block all amazon ads all over the web but currently, we are focus on blocking mobile lockscreen ads.

How to Remove Amazon Ads and Bloatware from Moto G4

RootJunky posted instructions and video for removing Amazon Ads and Amazon apps from Moto G4. You can check their video guide or follow below guide to Remove Amazon Ads and Bloatware from Moto G4. To remove amazon prime ads from moto g4, you need to download some file and device drivers. But read the below notes before you Remove Amazon Ads and Bloatware from Moto G4.

Note – 

  • This method is only for Moto G 4th gen XT1625 and XT1644 models.
  • It will work with locked bootloader also but if didn’t work then Unlock bootloader.
  • It will not erase your data but it’s advisable to take a complete backup of your phone for safer side.
  • Ensure that your phone has at least 50-60% charged to prevent the accidental shutdown in-between the process.

Files required to Amazon Prime Ads and Bloats –

  • Motorola Drivers
  • Motorola program RSDlite 6.2.4
  • remove-amazon-bloat.xml file
  • Amazon bloat ads remover
  • All above files are here – Download

How to Remove Amazon Ads and Bloatware from Moto G4

1) Enable ‘USB debugging’ and ‘OEM Unlocking’ option from setting>developer option>. To enable Developer Options, go to About phone and tap the Build Number 7 times.

2) Now Boot your device into fastboot mode by Turn off and then holding ‘Volume Down + Power’ until it boots.

3) Download RSDlite 6.2.4 and Amazon bloat ads remover from above and extract it.

4) Now open RSDlite 6.2.4 and select ‘remove-amazon-bloat.xml‘.

5) Press START to remove Amazon ads from Moto G4. (It will flash oem.img image on your device).

6) If you are a Rooted user and already unlocked bootloader then you can directly flash the oem image by below command.

fastboot flash oem oem.img

7) Wait until process finish and device to reboot.

8) Once rebooted your Amazon apps and lock screen ads will be gone.

So, this is the easiest way to Remove Amazon Ads and Bloatware from Moto G4. If you have any doubts comment below.

Source – RootJunky


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  1. I cant detect my phone on RSDlite. Is there a solution? What are the motorola drivers that are needed before this process?

    • Lamplighter Reply

      Neither can I. There are no specific instructions as to how to get the .xml file into RSDlite. Does the phone reboot automatically after pressing start or is there another manual step?

  2. Andy Drinkard Reply

    Worked easily on XT1644. Once you do the fastboot, you have to hit the power button again on the phone (it will stay “Start” on the screen next to the power button). This was necessary for RDSlite to detect the phone. Note that during the process, the program will reboot your phone. That’s normal.

  3. Will this void the warranty on the phone after removal of the ad’s. Will we still be able to get Android updates or will this cause issues with getting updates.

  4. I got a the following message on RSD Lite: Failed flashing process. 3/5 flash partition “gpt.bin” -> Phone returned FAIL

  5. This no longer works after update MPJ25. Need to find a work around

    • Yes I think this method no longer work. I’ll update it as soon as I find the solution.

  6. Frustrated_n_NC Reply

    Has anyone found a solution for this since update MPJ24.139-64? Its quite annoying to restart each time into fast flash mode AND be bugged with the amazon ads. Thanks

  7. Nothing new here since december, I just run into the same issue with mpj24.139-64 and be quite happy to have a solution. Is there any?

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