Solar power is the most widely available and accessible power source. The sun shines virtually everywhere and with the right solar power systems, you could enjoy virtually free electricity to power your home, office and even gadgets. With the advent of electric cars, it has now become possible to power your vehicle using solar powered batteries. In this article, we examine the steps to getting solar power for your home and how to make the right choices when selecting your preferred solar panel company. 

Important Factors to Consider before Buying Solar Power

Solar power may be expensive at first and you need to have enough finances to start and finish the project in one go. There is no point buying one component after the other with large breaks in between because certain components may become obsolete and new technologies may come up. Therefore, you need to at least have $14000 to $40000 ready to start the project and this figure depends on your energy needs.

Another important factor is whether the location you live in has enough sunlight to sustain full use of solar power. Some places only have sunlight for a few daytime hours and therefore you’d need both grid electricity and solar power for your house. Such places may require more energy for purposes of central heating and ventilation and therefore, relying on solar energy alone may not be enough. A combination of both solar and grid electricity will go a long way to balance your energy needs and costs.

Estimating Costs

Cost estimation is a very crucial aspect of planning a solar energy project at home. The costs vary depending on the size of your home as this affects your energy needs. You can only choose to be ambitious if your budget allows it. The good thing is solar power is very versatile and you can choose between a high end, fully automated system or something simple that only meets the basic needs of powering your home or certain areas of your home.

Choosing the Right Solar Company

Once you have settled on a budget, and you know your consumption while living in California, you can search from among the list of solar companies for the best option. The best solar company will be one that has a good number of staff and has several options of solar solutions for your home. Most personnel of solar companies in California are trained on emerging solar technologies and this makes them very adept in any market.


After you have chosen a solar company and settled on the best solar equipment, it is now time for the installation. Ensure your roof is clean and clear off any debris or things that could prevent maximum solar clearance. Cut any trees that may block sunlight access to your roof and ensure it is free from any obstruction. Give the installer enough space to install but you are free to ask as many questions as possible that would make your enjoyment of the solar system possible. Make sure you store enough solar during the day so that you can use the excess energy at night. This should be a priority as maximum power storage occurs during the day. 


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