When you’re leasing a new car, it can be an exciting time. You’ll be all set to try out a new, more advanced vehicle. But with technology more advanced than ever, it can be overwhelming when you browse the different options. Below, we explore the best car features to look for. 

Blind spot detection

A blind spot refers to the areas around the car that are invisible to you – either your wing-mirror won’t reach them, or a car pillar is in the way. If a nearby car is obscured by your blind spot and you’re unaware, then an accident could potentially occur. A blind spot detection system can bring peace of mind though. By using sensors and cameras, the system can detect when a car has entered your blind spot and pass the information onto you either visually or audibly. With this in place, you’ll find it much easier to change lanes and the overall safety of the car will be improved. 


Attaching your phone to the car’s entertainment system with an aux cord can be a hassle. Especially with many new phones moving away from that particular port system. Instead, Bluetooth connectivity can alleviate this pain. You’ll be able to connect your phone’s GPS navigation to the car to ensure that you never get lost. Plus, you’ll be able to play music from your phone on the car’s speakers. 

Adaptive cruise control

Most people are aware of cruise control – it’s a technology that enables the car to maintain its speed without your input. Adaptive cruise control takes this to the next level though. It still maintains the car’s speed, but – using radars and sensors – will slow down the car itself if it suspects a car is nearing. This doesn’t mean that you can take your eye off the road, but it does provide an extra layer of security. 

Adjustable seats

There are plenty of features crammed into the modern seat. From simple back and forth adjustments to heated systems you’ll want a seat that can do it all. Make sure you try the seat out and test its comfort if you’re planning on long journeys too. 

New features can be one of the most exciting aspects of buying a car. By following the above advice and looking out for these key features, you should be able to pick out the ideal vehicle.


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