Professional AdWords consultants can accelerate and even redefine your brand positioning in the digital market. Since nearly all companies have a digital presence, it is crucial to put only the best experts in AdWords consulting to handle your AdWords campaign management. However, not all companies have the capacity to hire an in-house team of AdWords experts and therefore the only solution is to look externally for an individual google AdWords consultant or a fully-fledged AdWords management company. 

How To Identify Skilled AdWords Consultants

When it comes to skills in AdWords consulting, not even academic credentials can show you which AdWords consultant to pick. The problem with looking at academic credentials only is that it gives a narrow view of the candidate’s capacity to handle your particular needs when it comes to AdWords management services. One factor that places a candidate over the rest is their experience and competency while handling previous clients. 

Information Your AdWords Consultant Requires Prior to Engagement

Before you sign an agreement with your preferred AdWords management company, there are some information that may be critical to the success of the AdWords campaign. The first thing they would like to know is the extent of your previous engagements with AdWords management and the amount of leads that were generated. This information is important because it forms a benchmark on the internal competencies of your staff to properly engage with an external consultant. In some cases, it is usually not the consultant’s fault that the AdWords campaign management did not work out in previous cases, and that their work wasn’t properly handled by the rest of the company. 

Setting Clear KPIs

You will also need to establish clear and concise KPIs and deliverables for your AdWords consultant. Google AdWords consulting firms tend to take a more direct approach when negotiating KPIs since they will largely rely on a template that is industry based. This is the advantage of working with n AdWords management company since they will typically have a roaster of clients they have engaged with within your industry. However, one advantage of hiring an adwards consultant is that they are flexible when it comes to their KPIs and will usually handle more work and pivot a campaign when and if necessary.  

Remarketing As An AdWords Campaign Management Tool

Google AdWords management service offers remarketing to users who have previously visited your social sites, websites and other digital platforms that you use. Retargeting the same user is easier done when using targeted banner ads and through Google analytics you can track their site visitation to adjust your messaging properly. 


Some aspects of AdWords management services come with experimentation and experience. This is why it’s preferable to go with a consultant with enough industry experience since they can see information that analytical tools cannot. The end result is that your in-house team will be better placed to understand the industry better and emerge better equipped to handle other marketing and advertising engagements in the future. 


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