How to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei Devices

This guide helps you to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei Devices. Most of the Huawei devices comes with Bootloader locked, so you need to unlock it’s Bootloader before installing a custom ROM or Recovery. Why do we need to Unlock Bootloader on Android Devices? If you want to root your device or want to flash Custom ROM, or if you want to install a Custom Recovery, then you need to unlock your stock bootloader. So if have Huawei device and want to unlock its bootloader then follow below guide.

Unlock Bootloader of Huawei Devices

Unlocking Bootloader of Huawei device is very simple all you need a PC, Data cable, working internet connection and this step by step guide. Follow the below steps to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei Devices. But read the below note carefully before you unlock bootloader of Huawei devices.


  • Unlocking device bootloader will void your phone warranty, and you won’t claim it back.
  • Follow the steps correctly otherwise you may brick your device. We are not responsible for any damage to your phone.
  • It will erase all your Internal Storage Data, so we advise you first to take a complete backup of your phone and then proceed.
  • Ensure that your phone has at least 50-60% charged to prevent the accidental shutdown in-between the process.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei Devices – 

1) First, enable ‘USB debugging’ and ‘OEM Unlock’ option from setting>developer option>. To enable Developer Options, go to About phone and tap the Build Number 7 times.

oem unlock

2) Install the ADB and fastboot driver for windows or ADB and Fastboot for Mac and then restart if you already have the driver installed then skip this step.

3) Now create a Huawei id from this page.

4) After creating a Huawei id, fill out the detail on this page.

5) It will ask for a product identification code, (to know that dial * # * # 1357946 # * # *) fill the MEI code and submit.

Unlock Bootloader of Huawei devices

6) Now you have unlock code. Save it for later use.

7) Now go to ADB and Fastboot installation directory open ADB folder and open the command window there by pressing and hold the ‘shift’ key and right-clicked anywhere in that folder.

fastboot cmd

8) Now connect your phone to PC and reboot the device into fastboot mode by typing “adb reboot bootloader”.

6) Type “fastboot devices” in command prompt and hit enter, it gives you serial numbers in return means your phone connect properly.

Fastboot devices

7) To unlock bootloader of Huawei Honor 5X, type “fastboot oem unlock unlock key”. Here replace unlock key with the key you got. For example “fastboot oem unlock 21084949302847″.

8) Above step will Unlock Bootloader of Huawei Devices. To restart the system type “fastboot reboot”.This is the complete guide of how to unlock

This is the complete guide of how to unlock bootloader of Unlock Bootloader of Huawei Devices. If you have any doubt related to above process comment below.


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27 Responses

  1. echomrgomrg says:

    might be a stupid question, but the huawei page you linked asks for a chinese phone number?

  2. Ian says:

    i made an account, but everytime i clock on the “unlock bootloader” i get a page in all chinese, im assuming an error page … any other ways to get this done?

  3. Ronte says:

    People that are getting that “We’re sorry but the server is busy…” message you can get the code from
    www. emui. com/plugin. php?id=unlock&mod=detail


    it’ll be in Chinese but the process is pretty much the same.
    Let me know if it helped :)

  4. Ian says:

    finally got it. i had to make a new account at huawei page, and for whatever reason it just went thru. i tried with the old account and got the error. oh well, its working now. thanks for the guide

  5. pakerpakiu says:

    there is no honor 5c model at their web

  6. mamun says:

    the site says you have to login with your huawei id for 14 days continuously, then you can ask for the unlock code…..what does it mean…..please somebody help….!!!!

  7. HamSammi says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for the links. I have been driving head on into this language barrier for far too long and this was the first place I found links to at least get me in the right section of hell. Still hit a dead link after logging in, but just hit back to home. Then, finally found the “unlock brush” link hahaha thanks to Google’s translating skills. I have unlocked bootloaders from a handful of companies now. A couple of them were a headache, but because of the hiccups with the phone and such. I now have a greater understanding of the extreme distance between the U.S. and China. I just don’t understand. Huawei is by no means a small player in the U.S. android market…Where’s the web support! I don’t even want to think about having to use support over the phone..

  8. Towerdroid says:

    Please I need help. The step where the phone reboots works well but I can’t use fastboot on that bootloader. It’s like a white screen with an Android icon and says “Phone locked”, “FRP ((or something)) unlocked”. What is this?

  9. Im frreking out all day i try …
    Please make sure the verification code and model number are correct. If your device has multiple IMEIs or MEIDs, please try another IMEI or MEID.
    Whats is problem

  10. Sathish says:

    @Dejan Andrejic , For multiple IMEI’s you have to enter only one IMEI. Check either 1 it may work

  11. whovian79 says:

    Thank you Sumit. Worked perfectly on my Huawei Y6 (SCL-L02) :-)

  12. worked perfectly, thanks for the guide

  13. salim says:

    Thanx, dude i’m on Y6II CAM-L21 and it works perfectly

  14. biohbn says:

    The ‘OEM Unlock’ option is not found on my Huawei S6 (DIG-AL00). What can I do?

  15. Dron Jak says:

    “5) It will ask for a product identification code, (to know that dial * # * # 1357946 # * # *) fill the MEI code and submit.” – not working on my g700-u20

  16. jake says:

    under developer options you also have to set: “Allow OEM Unlock”

  17. sahib says:

    you can chat on huawei. com and ask for bootloder code. they will supply you the code in a week by email. make sure EMI and ID codes are ready. They will ask for it.

  18. junrey says:

    i hope huawei will find a way to make their users upgrade hassle free just like apple..if theres a new updated the updater will automatically notify you for new will be much comfortable for us users..just saying..

  19. Sam Samwel says:

    Can u plz help me find boatloader unlock code for my huawei g615-u10, i have been trying harder but nothing positive i managed…PLEASE

  20. jewelbdx says:

    Only one topic this is working fine. thanks :)

  21. eyezcripz says:

    i have problem can u help me.. i try to relock my oem using this command fastboot oem relock (16 unlock code)
    after that my p10 plus is restart then i show only are


    i already try the download but always failed,

    and i try the adb by vol down+usb then i see this in FASBOOT&RESCUE MODE


    i try to install twrp but is failed too ,

    i dont know what happen . i cannot open my p10 plus now always in


    help please

  22. Mingle says:

    the link in steps 3 and 4 give a 404. I understand that you have to contact Huawei for bootloadercodes (or pay)

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