Creating an app for your business can take it to the next level. We live in a time where most people have smartphones, which means they download apps. However, there are some key things to keep in mind when creating an application.

Apps are designed to solve some type of problem that people want to be fixed fast. This could be entertainment, shopping, directions, and many more things at the touch of a screen. Then, you need to think about your target audience and what they would want in an application by understanding voice of customer methods and gathering insights from potential users.

We’re going to cover everything you should consider when creating an app that your audience will love.

Understand Who Your Audience Is

It’s true that people from the ages of 18 to 30 use their smartphone a lot differently than someone in the age range of 45 to 60 and onward. This is just one factor to consider regarding your audience. Some more demographic features you should think about are gender, language, location, education, devices, and their other interests.

For example, if your target audience is older, then maybe have an option with a bigger font. Another thing to consider is how your app will look with an iOS device or an Android and how to make them both user friendly.

If your target audience is female rather than male, it would be essential to have a lot of options for shopping online and an easy check out process. There’s no doubt that women are more likely to buy for fun than because they need something, so adding distractions will make them more likely to spend money.

When you’re attracting international clients, having your application in English alone won’t work. You’ll need to have language options with your app to keep non-English speakers using it.

These are just a few ways the demographics of your target audience plays a role in how you design your app.

Consider the Psychological Persona

Each age group or gender has all different types of personalities. To make a great app, you have to look into how your target audience’s values and behaviors are. Are you leaning towards a more humanitarian audience or people who are interested in making money?

The content you publish in your application should be aimed toward how your target audience behaves and their habits. Your customers may be disorganized and need a place where they get assistance with keeping track of something. You might sell one thing but can work in other items that are related to the app.

For example, let’s say you sell organic face products. Likely, your target customers are mainly females that like holistic living. You can add some free yoga videos or advertisements for local farmer’s markets within your application. Creating an app that has everything your customers want or need will make it successful.

Think About the Device

Not everyone has the same type of phones or the same size. When creating an app, you’ll have to consider that your customers will be using different devices. The software of Android devices works a little differently to iOS devices.

Also, your customers might download the application on a tablet with a much bigger screen than a phone. The best types of apps are compatible with all. You also want to be aware of whether your app can direct customers to your website.

Having a mobile-first web design is critical if you want your customers to move from your app to your website. Mobile-first web design is when you create a website with the idea that it will be viewed on a mobile device first rather than a larger desktop-sized screen.

Knowing what types of devices your target audience uses will make your application even better.

The Bottom Line

Creating an app takes a lot of time and work. Just making an ordinary product isn’t going to make your company stand out. Knowing your customers and creating with them in your vision will result in the perfect application.

Some things to consider are who your clients are by gathering information using voice of customer techniques, their psychological persona, and which devices they’re using. Once you make an in-depth profile and take the feedback from your clients regarding your app, the rest will be a lot easier.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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