It’s no news that 3D Printer is a trademark in industrial technology. It provides not just speed, but diversity and efficiency.

What is 3D Filament?

The 3D filament is an advanced type of thermoplastics. It is considered as a suitable type of filament for 3D printers, because of its ability to become flexible when it is at the right temperature.

However, there are several kinds of 3D filament, but if you are looking for the best 3d printer filament, in BCN3D you can find several types of it.

In this article, we would be considering the different types of 3D printers as well as their characteristics.

Types of 3D printer

1. PET Filament

The Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) 3D filament is also popular. It is used for manufacturing plastic bottles. The more advanced version is PETG also called Amphora AM1800. It is used in making cups and plates because it is considered as food safe.

• It is strong, flexible and biocompatible
• It is FDA approved
• It is hygroscopic

2. ABS 3D Filament

ABS can be considered as the most popular kind of 3D filament because of its ability to resist impact. It is applicable for printing automotive parts, musical instruments, kitchen appliances, and other metal parts. However, ABS is useful for plastic manufacturers.
As popular as it is, ABS is a wrong choice for home users, it produces fumes which many consider as unpleasant and it also has a high melting point.

• It is durable and strong
• It is flexible and lightweight
• It is petroleum-based

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3. Nylon Filament

It is also called polyamide, which is much stronger than ABS. it is also flexible and light-resistant. Nylon filament has several categories that can suit any option you have.
It is useful for both consumable products and structural parts.

• It is 100% thermoplastic
• It is cost-effective
• It is recyclable

4. Polycarbonate – PC filaments

The PC filaments also count as one of the strongest filaments for 3D filaments. It can withstand temperatures as high as 110ºC; it is also transparent and useful in making bulletproof glass, electronic screens and scuba masks.

• It is very strong yet flexible
• It is not food safe
• It is also hygroscopic

5. Wood filament

The wood filament is PLA and wood filament. It is available in cherry, pine, willow, bamboo, cork and olive varieties. However, the wood filament is not so resistant to temperature, too much heat could make it burn or change its color.

• It has a tactile appeal
• It contains actual wood fibers

The right kind of 3D filament

The above filaments are a few out of hundreds of filaments in the industry. However, before choosing a filament, it is important to tick some boxes like the product you want to manufacture, the capacity of your printer. Not all filaments are for your printers.


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