Did you know that a solar panel farm the size of Arizona could essentially power the entire world?

With the effects of climate change becoming clearer every day, the switch to renewable sources of energy is essential. Despite this being a good reason to switch to solar, modern technology is advancing solar tech to be more reliable and affordable.

If you’re considering investing in solar energy for your home, you may be interested in learning about where the future of solar energy is heading. This way you can be sure that your investment will be worth it over the long term. 

Want to learn about some of the latest developments in solar energy? Read on. 

Decreased Cost of Production

One of the main aspects of solar power is the rare metals that go into making the panel itself. These rare metals have been at the center of much controversy as mining for them comes with a large carbon footprint.

Synthetic materials that have the same solar effect are currently being researched and developed. When they find a viable substitute, this can drastically decrease the cost to produce these panels.

Increased Tax Incentives

Governments around the world are pushing new tax incentives to encourage more people to go solar. This had had an effect on the retail market as the cost of solar-power lights, chargers, and battery packs has decreased.

In addition to this, professional solar installers like Blue Raven are offering solar installations with zero payment upfront and dynamic payment plans. This makes it even more affordable for people to install solar panels in their homes. 

Improved Battery Technology

Solar panels work well to supplement your home’s energy usage. While this can help cut down on your energy usage during the day, having a backup battery can help you store energy for use later during the day. 

This is where much of the development in solar technology is taking place. Companies such as Tesla Motors are heavily invested in creating higher capacity batteries that can efficiently store and disperse more energy.

Modern Solar Cells

Solar cells are also being developed to be more subtle and effective. In the last few years, many companies have announced investments in developing modern solar cells. This includes transparent cells and even solar shingles for a more traditional-looking roof.

This means that as time goes by, we can expect solar cells to become more durable, subtle, and efficient.

Battery Tech Is Critical for the Future of Solar Energy

The future of solar depends heavily on making these appliances more accessible and reliable.

However, with increased tax incentives and modern technology making the cost of installing solar more affordable, the future of solar energy is indeed bright.

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