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Bluehost is a popular web hosting provider that powers over two million websites, especially WordPress hosting. It is part of the larger Endurance International Group (EiG) that owns several other web hosting providers. Bluehost has been in operation since 1996 and has grown into a massive corporation that is able to pour millions of dollars in to their marketing budget. You will likely find many Bluehost reviews online, thanks to their aggressiveness in marketing. If you want to find objective reviews regarding this corporation’s services, here are some tricks you should use.

Consider their Prices

When going through their reviews, you will find offers that draw you in easily. You have to review those subscription prices carefully, or you might pay more than you have bargained for when renewing your package. In their bid to get more subscribers, Bluehost offers discounted subscription prices to first-time clients but fails to mention their renewal costs. When reading their reviews, go deeper and find out if there could be any added-on costs after the initial subscription phase. Most often than not, there is always an extra fee to pay that is not part of the advertised rate. You should be aware of the same if you read keenly.

Check for Flaws

Most companies will only pay marketers to post positive reviews. Very few, if any, will inform their potential clients of their flaws or weaknesses. The aim is to always paint any organization as the best amongst its competitors. Bluehost, like most companies, has many positive reviews, most of which are written by paid marketers. While most of what you will read is true, you also need to dig deeper and find sites that provide you with honest opinions of their strengths and weaknesses so that you can make an informed decision.

Return Customer Reviews

There are numerous reviews of Bluehost citing the quality of their services. Most of them will fail to mention real customer experiences. If you want to read true information on the quality of this company’s services, be sure to check out returning customers’ reviews. Considering that they have already used these services, they will likely give objective and honest opinions about what Bluehost has to offer. Try to find as many of those reviews from sites not affiliated with Bluehost as possible so you can get an objective point of view. You can also find such information on various social media pages where you can contact them for clarification.

Consider Specific Services

Bluehost is mainly a hosting service provider and offers other support services for a fee. When reading their reviews, check what they say about the extra services. Most paid marketers tend to focus on the main services. However, if you look for independent reviewers, you will likely learn more about their other services. Such information will give you a probable picture of the quality of their main web hosting service. You not only get to learn about the quality but also about other services that you need. Further, you get to know all the costs and the quoted cost. This information is useful to enable you to budget for the services you will need for your website. 



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