Hidden LED Light on Moto G4 Plus 0

Moto G4 Plus Comes With A Hidden LED Light

Recently launched Moto G4 Plus comes with a hidden LED light that is placed suspiciously to the right side of the fingerprint scanner. The company didn’t mention about this hidden LED in their launch...

CM13 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 5 5

Download CM13 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 5

CyanogenMod 13 for Xiaomi Mi 5 is now available. Xiaomi Mi 5 runs on MIUI 7 OS, which is based on latest Android marshmallow but many users who don’t like MIUI can try the...

Huawei Honor V8 Stock Wallpapers 0

Download Huawei Honor V8 Stock Wallpapers Full HD

Today we provide you the complete set of Huawei Honor V8 stock wallpapers. Recently launched Honor V8 is one of the best affordable flagship smartphones. Huawei Honor V8 has powerful hardware specifications and latest software. You can...