Are you tired of adjusting your windows every time there’s a slight summer breeze outside? Perhaps opening your doors isn’t even enough to keep your house cool anymore. Well, there’s never been a better time than now to buy and own an air conditioner.

Gone are the days when consumers had to settle for slow, bulky models. Nowadays we have sleek, modern smart air conditioners which you can control from your smartphone.

Read on for a guide on how to buy the best smart WiFi air conditioner for your needs and Precondo.

Smart Wifi Air Conditioners

What makes smart WiFi air conditioners special?

As mentioned, smart air conditioners are WiFi enabled so you can operate them from your smartphone. This means you’ll no longer have to worry about looking for a misplaced remote and you can change the temperature from pretty much anywhere in or outside the house.

The great thing about this type of AC is that it allows you to close or open the blinds and increase or decrease the temperature to keep your pets comfortable while you’re at work.

Another great feature of smart air conditioners is that you can connect them with a smart home system such as Google Assistant, Echo or Alexa. All you need is a smart speaker and you can virtually control all aspects of your home (including the temperature) from virtually anywhere.

For instance, let’s say you left the AC on and your windows and blinds open before you left for work. But then you get invited out for drinks and know that you won’t have time to come home on your way there.

Instead of calling your neighbors or inconveniencing your friends, now you can close your blinds, switch on the lights and turn off the A/C while you’re at work- all from your smartphone!

Literally anyone can enjoy the perks of smart home living nowadays thanks to this technology.

Smart Wifi Air Conditioners

Things to consider before buying a smart WiFi air conditioner

  • Features: To get the most out of your smart WiFi air conditioner, you must make sure that it’s compatible with your phone’s operating system. Luckily, most models come with compatibility for iOS and Android apps which means they can run Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and other popular smart home systems.
  • Cooling power: No matter how pretty or sleek your smart WiFi AC is, it won’t do you much good if it doesn’t have the capacity to keep your entire space cool. That’s why it’s important that you measure the room you plan to install the AC in to make sure you get the right model. Once you figure out the square footage of the area, you can correlate it to the air conditioner’s BTU level. For best results, we recommend opting for an AC with a high BTU level and an energy efficiency rating (EER) or 11 or more. This means it’s going to cost less to run while keeping a sizeable area nice and cool.
  • Size: Another important component to look out for is size. Ideally, you want an AC that’ll fit into the space that you plan to mount it in. This is especially important for window mounted smart air conditioners.
  • Weight: Most portable air conditioners can weigh up to 70 lbs. This means they require at least two people just to carry from the door to the room where you plan to mount it. Actually putting one up will be even tougher! Keep this in mind when purchasing a smart air conditioner and ask a friend to help you mount it when it gets delivered.
  • Location: Think about the locating where you plan to place the air conditioner as this will affect the type of model and features you need. For instance, if you want an air conditioner to keep your home’s second floor cool, then you should opt for a couple of small BTU window air conditioners instead of one massive model. That’s because it’s much easier to carry smaller air conditioners up the stairs than a heavy and bulky one. Plus, a large WiFi air conditioner requires a support bracket too, which is sold separately. It’s much easier just to invest in a small sliding window air conditioner.
  • Filtration: If breathing clean air is as important to you as staying cool, then you should consider the type of filter featured in your air conditioner. The good news is you have plenty of options to choose from here. For best results, we recommend you look for a WiFi enabled smart air conditioner whose air filer is reusable or washable and has antimicrobial properties.

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