Latest Magisk v14.2 for Android is now available for download. Today we share a link to Download Magisk v14.2 and Latest Magisk Manager 5.3.5 for Android. XDA developer topjohnwu release the new version of Magisk v14.2 which fixes a critical bug which broke the vast majority of Magisk modules. Before that developer released the Magisk 14.1 whichbrings official support for Google Pixel, Moto Z2 Force, and the Xiaomi Mi A1. That means these devices will be able to take OTA updates seamlessly while preserving Magisk. Download Magisk v14.2 and Magisk Manager v5.3.5 from below.

The biggest change in Magisk Beta v14.2 is that it officially supports the devices with an A/B partitioning scheme. If you already have Magisk installed, to update you just need to download the latest version Magisk Manager 5.3.5 APK and update things inside the app. You may also need to re-toggle Magisk Hide before SafetyNet inquiries are passed. Download Magisk v14.1 for Android from below.

Download Magisk v14.2

Magisk packs with a super powerful Universal Systemless Interface for Android which is aimed to make custom mods go systemless. Magisk is similar to Systemless root by Chainfire which allowed users to get root access without modifying the system partition. Both apps are allowing uninterrupted installation for OTA updates even when the device is Rooted. But Magisk gives you more controls and Installing systemless root via Magisk also allows you to use Android Pay with root. Check the below guide to Download and Install Magisk v14.2 on Android right now.

Magisk 14.1/14.2 Features and Changelogs

  • v14.2
    – [MagicMount] Clone attributes to tmpfs mountpoint, should fix massive module breakage
  • v14.1
    – [MagiskInit] Introduce a new init binary to support skip_initramfs devices (Pixel family)
    – [script] Fix typo in update-binary for x86 devices
    – [script] Fix stock boot image backup not moved to proper location
    – [script] Add functions to support A/B slot and skip_initramfs devices
    – [script] Detect Meizu boot blocks
    – [MagiskBoot] Add decompress zImage support
    – [MagiskBoot] Support extracting dtb appended to zImage block
    – [MagiskBoot] Support patching fstab within dtb
    – [Daemon/MagiskSU] Proper file based encryption support
    – [Daemon] Create core folders if not exist
    – [resetprop] Fix a bug which delete props won’t remove persist props not in memory
    – [MagicMount] Remove usage of dummy folder, directly mount tmpfs and constuct file structure skeleton in place


  • Installing Magisk on Android required Unlocked Bootloader.
  • You must have working TWRP Recovery Installed on your device.
  • Follow the steps correctly otherwise you may brick your device.
  • It may erase your data, so it is advisable to take a complete backup of your phone for safer side.
  • Ensure that your phone has at least 50-60% charged to prevent the accidental shutdown in-between the process.

Download Magisk v14.2 and Magisk Manager 5.3.5 for Android

How to Install Magisk v14.2 on Android Phones

Installing Magisk on your device is very simple all you have to Download Magisk 14.2 from above and flash it via TWRP. If you already have Magisk installed, to update you just need to download the latest version Magisk Manager APK and update things inside the app.

How to Install Magisk 14.2 on Android

Download Magisk v14.2 and Magisk Manager 5.3.5 and share. For any related queries comment below. Stay connected with us via FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus to read more such helpful posts.


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