Not everybody can afford to live in a big house. Thus, many people look for opportunities to save as much space as it is possible. One of the popular choices is to save space by building a loft bed. If designed beautifully, it can be a real decoration of your home. It also provides you with more space needed to accept visitors, for example, or to arrange a home office. 

However, a loft bed is suitable not for everybody. If you are afraid of height, you will never opt for such a solution. It is also not as convenient as a traditional bed. 

Now, with the advancement of technology, the needed solution exists. This solution is called a bed lift. With a click of a button, you can lower or lift your bed. You get the comfort of sleeping in a normal bed on the floor and have enough space for storing things. With a little bit of creativity and technical knowledge, you can even make your bed lift completely to the ceiling, thus, releasing space in the entire room.

A Bed Lift Brings the Following Benefits

Sleeping in comfort is not the only benefit that comes with a bed lift. If you can lift and lower your bed when needed, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • You can use the space maximally, just lift the bed when needed;
  • The operation of an advanced bed lift is easy, you need only to push a button to lift or lower your bed;
  • Cleaning your room is easier;
  • Such a bed looks cute.

You might be wondering how much such a bed is. A ready lifting system can cost you from 500 USD if you are going to use the bed lift to get additional space for storing things, or above 1,000 USD if your aim is to make your bed lift completely and release the space for other activities. 

Add the cost of the bed frame, and the price will at least double. Not everybody can afford a ready bed with a system. However, we shall agree that this is an exceptionally reliable option. Normally, such systems are plug-and-play ones. You mount your bed frame on it, connect it to a power source, and use it. No special knowledge is needed.

How to Build Your Own Bed Lift

If you believe that buying a ready bed lift system is too expensive, you can build it on your own. It will reduce your expenses significantly. You can use it for the bed that you already have. Depending on your aim and the budget, you can choose one of the following options or invent your own way.

A Bed Lift Can Be Used to Arrange Additional Storage Place

This is the most common application of a bed lift. You install two actuators on different sides of the bed frame. With a push of a button, you make them lift one side of the bed frame, thus, allowing using the space under the bed. 

There are people that prefer using one actuator. In such a case, you fix the actuator in the center or the bed frame. Another actuator side goes on a wall. If this is the option you like, we recommend attaching a piece of metal to the bottom of the bed frame. It will provide it additional support. Fix the actuator to the bottom side of the metal piece. Some supports on both sides of the bed frame might be needed to keep it moving evenly. This is a less reliable option, but you might just like it. 

The weight of the bed frame is one of the most important factors to consider. You don`t want the bed to fall on you while you are looking for something in your new storage space, do you? For the same reason, we recommend choosing actuators that have an automatic brake system. If the device fails, it will be blocked, and the bed frame will not fall on you.

One more detail that matters is the switch. If you buy it separately, select the one that switches the system off once the actuator reaches the end of the distance. This will help you to make sure that your actuator does not hit the edges every time when you activate it.

A Bed Lift Can Be Used to Lift Your Bed to the Ceiling

If you have truly little space, being able to lift your bed completely and to liberate the space is a perfect solution. This option is more frequently used for vans, but you can apply it for a room, too. If you manage to choose a nice design, you will get a lot of space. You can even receive visitors under your lift bed!

You need a bed lift system and a bed frame. Again, you can use a bed frame that you already have if it is not too heavy or sturdy. You can adjust it for the new bed lift and thus, give it a new life.

It is better to buy a ready bed lift system. If you want to build one, you need a good knowledge of how everything works and tools. If you make a mistake, your system may collapse, and it might end up with a tragedy. Thus, we recommend getting a ready bed lift system. Moreover, you need to choose your new bed lift correctly to ensure it can lift the bed and comply with other requirements.

To choose the right bed lift system, pay attention to the weight that it shall be able to lift. For that, calculate the weight of the bed frame and add the weight of all the things that can be used, such as a mattress, and similar. 

Check the distance at which the lift can move. Is it sufficient for you? Doesn`t it exceeds the available space? If you measure it correctly, it will help you to use your space properly and avoid unnecessary issues. 

If you are going to use it for a van, measure all the dimensions. In the very end, you want both the system and the bed to fit in the van. Consider also that the space is limited and cannot be expanded. Thus, if you make a mistake, you will either need to cut the system or to buy a new one. 

We recommend asking a specialist to help you with the choice. A reliable manufacturer always offers an option to get in touch with their customer support. A specialist will ask the needed questions and calculate all the criteria for you.

After your bed lift system is delivered, it is time to fix it. For that, fix your bed lift to the floor. Everything is normally delivered in a set. You just need to follow the instructions. If the bed lift is intended to be used in a van, consider fixing it not only to the floor but to the walls, too. 

Further, attach the bed frame to the bed lift, connect the system to a power source and it is ready to be used. 


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