Don’t you find it annoying when someone intrudes into your conversation and then uses what you have said for their own purposes giving no credit to the context, given circumstances and the kind of relationship you are involved in with the person or people you are talking to? Nowadays with all these technological devices we have, it has become even easier. News is full of articles about data leaks which does not make us feel safer. Still, there is a way to not become a victim. Encrypted chats are a solution!

1. Utopia – free (Window, macOS, Linux)

If you have been looking for a space that can offer something more to just anonymous communication, stop right here as there is no more need to search. Utopia is a whole ecosystem that, besides all its decentralized encrypted multi-functionality, creates a good solution to free peer-to-peer communication (that cannot be fully complete with no smiles and stickers the soft includes, and voice messaging, for sure). And while waiting for your relative’s / friend’s / colleague’s / reply, you can entertain yourself playing games the thoughtful developers included especially for you.

2. Wickr – free, paid (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS)

Simple texting, voice calling, file sharing are the basic things that any messenger is able to provide. However, one will scarcely be impressed by this simple functionality. Demands are getting higher. Everyone has access to information sources and knows at least something about privacy. Thus, Wickr developers tried to create an instant messenger for those who value their privacy by establishing end-to-end encryption that allows peer-to-peer safe connection.

3. Silence – free (Android)

An unusual approach in the world of encrypted chats offers Silence – a tool for SMS and MMS transmission. Everything you send is encrypted over the air and on your phone. In case you lose your phone / someone steals it, the encryption used will protect you and your information. With this system, you don’t need Internet connection or a server. Also, those you want to send a text to, do not need to download some application or join something.

4. RingID – free (desktop, Android, iOS)

The multifunctional platform introduced by Canadian developers. It is highly entertaining and interactive. The system introduces ways of communicating through secret messaging options, plus voice and video calling. Apart from its socializing nature, it also turns your device into a video or film player that enables you to see broadcasts from any part of the world. (And there is a marketplace you can buy things from!)

5. Signal – free (desktop, Android, iPhone)

‘Fast. Simple. Secure.’ It is a slogan of Signal – a high-quality messaging tool that offers another way to safe communication. Even the developers cannot see what you are sending (which can include texts, voice records, videos, various files, phone calls). The messages are thoroughly encrypted. For better safety, you can set time to make your messages disappear.

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6. Threema – free trial period (Android, iOS, Windows phone)

Swiss soft for secure peer-to-peer communication tool Threema has advantages of its own. It does not require your email address or phone number which is good for staying private. The privacy policy that usually represents a kind of a bunch of information no one cares to read, is a one-sheet paper document that stands up for trust (and reading). Threema is suitable for private users; business and educational needs are met by Threema Work and Threema Education.

Grab your device and start over a new secure communication without worrying about leaks and breaches. Privacy is real. Safe peer-to-peer socializing through messengers is real. Help yourself see it and enjoy it.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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