The way you search for items online has undergone a dramatic change over the last few years thanks to voice command options such as using Amazon Echo or using Siri on the iPhone. Rather than typing in while searching on Google, you could consider activating some voice command option for saving time and effort.  Moreover, whenever you seem to be on the go, you might choose to effectively interact with any device via voice command for getting a prompt answer. As per the latest studies, by 2020, almost 30 percent of practically all website sessions would be conducted successfully but without a screen.

As per deepcrawl, “Some of the trendsetters in voice search include Siri from Apple, Google Now, Cortana from Microsoft, and Alexa by Amazon among others. Tech giant’s investment (millions of dollars) in digital assistants is an indicator of its potential. With evolving technology these companies have reduced the error rate on voice search results, positively impacting user experiences.”

According to the recent findings of a study conducted by Stone Temple, people are increasingly becoming more comfortable and are getting used to conducting voice searches while in public but the use of this technology while at home seems to be gradually declining.

What Do You Understand by Voice Search?

Voice search technology involves speaking into a device instead of typing keywords while searching for an item in the search engine for generating results. Audio technology is known to use speech recognition for understanding exactly what users seem to be saying with utmost precision. It would be then delivering results verbally to the user. Even though voice search technology appears to be a totally new concept, it has been there for quite some time now. Programs like voice dialing and speech-to-text are superb instances of voice search. Moreover, programs like Microsoft Cortana, Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant all are utilizing voice search capabilities.

Even though specific devices could actually be optimized for this technology, websites, brands, and platforms could also be optimized for voice search technology. If you are a digital marketer, it is mandatory on your part to appreciate and acknowledge the importance of implementing new SEO trends for staying well ahead of the competition. If you are adopting an SEO stratagem, you must essentially consider incorporating a voice search for capitalizing on the people who are increasingly using this technology for web search.

Optimizing for Voice Search: Explore Some Expert Tips

Ensure Quick Loading Time for Your Website

Just like conventional SEO, Google voice search would be inclined toward websites that have relatively faster loading time. You must ensure the following for ensuring quick loading time:

  • Your site is mobile-friendly and highly responsive.
  • Pictures are optimized.
  • Files are definitely compressed.
  • The response time of your server is minimized.
  • You are utilizing website caching for boosting page speed.
  • Ensure all other tasks which are responsible for speeding up conventional websites.

Consider Writing in the Way You Actually Speak

When users are searching for apt content on mobile or desktop, they usually have a tendency to write really short phrases. For instance, if a user is looking for a fabulous web designer, they would be typing top web design firms or companies into Google. If they were using voice search, they would put in queries such as ‘who are the best web designers across the world? You may incorporate long-tail keywords that seem natural as compared to snappier, shorter keywords. Use simple & short phrases.

Use Featured Content

Average voice search results are approximately 29 words long. We are aware that shorter answers would perform better but there is no guarantee that Google would identify the content.

A featured snippet is supposed to be a summary answer that comes from a webpage. In the search listings on the desktop, these snippets would appear immediately after the paid ads and just before the usual search listings. If you wish to optimize the content so that it appears in the snippet section, you must include a compact summary of your main content within 29 words. Sections of the content that use bullet points or H-tags are read easily by Google and so they really perform well.

Focus on Local Searches

We understand that 22 percent of the voice search queries generally, look for location-based content. Brands must focus on creating local content.

Top Reasons for Opting for Voice Search

Local Businesses Would Be Benefitted the Most

SEO is generally optimized for location. Voice searches that include ‘nearby’ or ‘near me’ would be bringing a tremendous amount of business obviously, to the local stores. Local establishments could be found with the help of mobile voice search that is thrice more likely to be utilized for finding local establishments.

Quicker Response & Quicker Results

One of the most important reasons why people are in favor of voice searches is that they could get answers really fast and could successfully take instant action on the go. This is fabulous news for businesses that are thinking of converting customers and can successfully reach the pinnacle of the voice search results. Users may consider choosing you for buying the product they are looking for without devoting too much time to reviewing other websites or comparing.

Voice search marketing could assist businesses to avail new avenues and opportunities.  Voice search is bound to become more popular and important with time as more and more users get adjusted to new devices which concentrate on voice commands. You must necessarily incorporate voice search into your Sydney SEO Joel House Search Media strategy and digital marketing plan for getting the best results.


Even though it may not seem that the voice search results would directly be instrumental in boosting your overall Google Analytics reports, we know that voice search drives traffic directly and definitely to your website. Voice search plays a pivotal role in boosting overall brand awareness and even conversions. When you invest in and dedicate your efforts to voice search optimization, it is bound to boost your overall brand awareness, revenue, and online purchase. If you consider optimizing your website for voice search today, you could stand tall among the rest.


Sujain Thomas is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites. You can always learn more about SEO that makes a difference and it can help you to proficient create a strategy of your own.

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