If you are facing an unstable connection on your VPN software, then read this guide. Here, we have listed a few simple yet powerful steps to help fix VPN not working issues effortlessly. 

How to Fix VPN Not Working Issue

Ways to Fix VPN connection issues

Check the server is online

The first thing that we conveniently forget is to check whether the server is online when VPN not working. If you find issues while connecting to a VPN, you should first check if a VPN client is connected or not. Try to open a website without connecting via a VPN to check whether the Internet network is working fine. If you find that Internet connection is unstable, try to restart your router. To do this, unplug it for 30-60 seconds and plug it back in. If you still find an Internet connection is unstable, call your ISP to fix the issue.

Check the authentication process

VPN authentication may vary according to different operating systems. To check which authentication method is used by your VPN, you can enter the MMC command at the Run prompt.  Here, you will find a dialog box showing you all the available authentication methods. Make sure, both the VPN server and VPN client have at least one common authentication method. It will help you establish a seamless Internet connection on your system. 

Make sure you are using up to date VPN

No matter you are using a free VPN for Windows 10 or a paid version, you get regular updates to keep the software working fine. Here, all VPN providers release regular updates to ensure that their version of the VPN matches the technological capabilities of the latest times. If you are connected to outdated VPN software, you may face unstable connection or even other performance and security issues. 

Thus, it is suggested to keep VPN software up to date for seamless performance. To do this, you can check your VPN version against the latest VPN version available on the manufacturer’s site. You can set software update automatically or do it manually when needed for effective results. You can check your VP version in the About section of your VPN client software. 

Check if password and username are correct

The next step to fix VPN not working is another quick step. Here, you need to check the username and password that you are entering is correct. If you find authentication error while connecting to the VPN network check whether you have typed the wrong credentials. Nonetheless, try typing the username and password once again. If you find it still isn’t working, try to reset the password. If it doesn’t work move to the next step. 

Restart the VPN software

Another quick fix to VPN not working issue is to restart the VPN software. Here, you may find software glitches that could be easily fixed by restarting your VPN software. Before you come to a definite conclusion that your VPN can’t connect VPN, try to restart it one more time. It may help you fix certain software glitches and make it error-free. If you are using a VPN that has its own program, then you need to close it completely not only minimizing it will do the work. If you are using VPN as a browser plug-in, close the plug-in, and restart it. 

Uninstall any previous VPN software

If you have more than one VPN software installed on your system, it’s time to get rid of one that you aren’t using. It is possible that old VPN software is causing trouble with the VPN software that you are using. Thus, it is suggested to uninstall all other installed versions of VPN to avoid conflict between two different VPN software. It will help you instantly fix VPN not working issue. Make sure, you also remove all associated files and remove them completely to avoid performance issues at all. 

Use Reliable VPN software

If you aren’t still able to fix VPN not working issues, then it’s time to move to a better VPN server. While there are tons of VPN options available online choosing one could be tricky. Here, you need to keep few things in mind while searching for the best VPN including the location of VPN servers, number of VPN servers available, VPN protocol, encryption strength, routing, and more. Selecting one best VPN to fit your needs could help you get a better speed of the Internet connection on your system. 

So, these were a few steps you should follow to fix VPN not working issues. Follow these steps and share your experience in the comments below. 


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