Asus starts rolling out Marshmallow update for Zenfone max. Zenfone Max is the second phone from Asus which received the Marshmallow firmware. Asus ZenFone 2 Laser already received the Android Marshmallow update . The update is an Official Beta which rolled out in phase wise manner. The update is rolling out via OTA (Over the Air) but for those who don’t want to wait for the OTA update can manually Update ASUS ZenFone Max to Marshmallow. The ASUS ZenFone Max runs on Android Lollipop but now you can Update ASUS ZenFone Max to Marshmallow. The new Marshmallow update packed with features like Now on Tap, Doze Mode, App Permissions and more. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for ASUS ZenFone Max available via OTA (over-the-air) and it is about 1.1GB in size with build number V13.8.26.15. Here we provide you the OTA zip file with that you can Update ASUS ZenFone Max to Marshmallow manually via ADB. You check the ASUS Android M Update Timeline from below.

Update ASUS ZenFone Max to Marshmallow

List of Asus Phones to get Android Marshmallow Update –

ASUS already posted an update on its Android 6.0 Marshmallow rollout plans, the list contains eight phones which will receive a Marshmallow update. ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser ZE500KL and Zenfone Max receives the Marshmallow update and model numbers ZE550KG/ZE550KL/ZE600KL/ZE601KL would be next in line.

  • PadFone S (PF500KL)
  • ZenFone 2 (ZE550ML, ZE551ML)
  • ZenFone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML)
  • ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition (ZE551ML)
  • ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE500KG, ZE500KL, ZE550KL, ZE551KL, ZE600KL, ZE601KL)
  • ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL)
  • ZenFone Max (ZC550KL)
  • ZenFone Zoom (ZX551ML)

Note: –

  • Make sure you at least 2GB of free space on your device.
  • This process is only for ZenFone Max (ZC550KL) so don’t try this on any other variant.
  • Battery level should be 75% before you Update ASUS ZenFone Max to Marshmallow.
  • It is recommended to take backup of your device and do a factory reset after installing the update if you are facing forced closed error.

Download Marshmallow OTA File for ASUS ZenFone Max –

  • Download ASUS ZenFone Max Marshmallow update file – Download

How to Update ASUS ZenFone Max to Marshmallow Manually –

1) To manually check the update, you can head over to Settings > About phone > System updates > Check For Update.

2) Enable ‘USB debugging’ option from setting>developer option>. To enable Developer Options, go to About phone and tap the Build Number 7 times.

3) Download ADB and fastboot driver for windows or ADB and Fastboot for Mac and install it on your PC.

4) Download the Android Marshmallow Beta for Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL from above Copy ROM to a folder.

5) Now Turn Off your phone and boot into Fastboot mode by pressing Power+Volume UP

6) On Marshmallow beta ROM folder press shift+right click and click on open command here.

7) Now check your connection by typing the below command

adb devices

 if your device is listed you’re ready to flash the ROM

8) On Marshmallow beta ROM folder open the S3V3N_cmd file.

9) Now Command prompt will pop up, type below command to Update ASUS ZenFone Max to Marshmallow Manually.

flashall_AFT WW_ZC550KL_V _M3.1.39_Phone-user.raw

10) Wait until the process finish and restart.

11) Done! you Update ASUS ZenFone Max to Marshmallow successfully.

This is the simplest way to Update ASUS ZenFone Max to Marshmallow manually. If you have any questions, comment below.


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  1. amminnesota Reply

    Hello , and thank you for this technic, but it’s only for windows :(
    How can we do on mac ?

    • In mac you can prefix ‘./’ before any commands. Ex use “./adb devices” instead of “adb devices”

  2. Zenfone Max Reply

    Step 9. flashall_AFT WW_ZC550KL_V13.8.26.15_M3.1.39_Phone-user.raw

    • This will work but in case of failure your phone works fine on your current version.

  3. and ever there is an official update,will my device still get it?

      • ahh thanks,how about the difference between this and the official update?

        • This is the official update. Only difference is, with this you have to update manually. Or if you want to wait some time, you will get the same update in your phone via system update.

  4. ahm sir,upon entering the last command is says it isnt recognized as command or batch file,what should i do?

  5. Make sure type correctly. Its a case sensitive and without spaces so type correctly. It will work.

  6. failure and now the MAx got stuck in booting screen with asus logp

  7. it has alot bugs…major one is that…sms not receiving..if receiving few then too much late….it also hangs mobile phone and battery backup reduces…

  8. i want to update my zenfone max….should its works without any bugs and heating issue

  9. and how can i back with my older version if i face problem in update version.

  10. Mohammad Salman Reply

    Failure in loading marshmallow.. Now stuck with asus logo when starting. What should I do

  11. Where to enter the cmd flash all in adb cmd r in which the marshamallow cmd

  12. Successfully Update My Zenfone Max to Marshmallow , It’s so cool

  13. How to get back to lollipop version if I upgraded my mobie to marshmallow…

  14. It fail, @ writing ‘recovery’ FAILED (remote: can’t flash unsigned image). phone don’t start only ASUS logo and waiting icon.

  15. for the step 7 : fastboot devices is better if drivers is on fastboot mode :)

  16. Mr A J Clarke Reply

    so this only if rooted? if so why doesnt it say so at the begining?

  17. in step 4 where to copy the rom what is the location folder ?

  18. When will the marshmallow update for ASUS Zenfone Z010D be available????

  19. Just don’t know anything about this phone, don’t know y i bought it. I’ve a ZenFone 2 ZE551ML but it always hangs and freezes especially when the battery gets down to 50% or when working on YOUTUBE . It runs on lollipop 5.0 and can’t even update it as there isn’t even an option for system update (missing) and I’ve tried installing firmware
    zip file many times by downloading the firmware on the official website of ASUS and installing it manually but the phone doesn’t recognize it at all…..can any of you make a video from A to Z and post it on youtube on how to update Asus zenfone 2 ZE551ML. appreciate it.

  20. My device is rooted, and i have installed TWRP and Exposed on there. Can i following your step on rooted device? Or i have to unroot and remove exposed framework first ? Thanks

  21. I need 6.1.1 marshmallow version to get jio barcode in zenfone max3, how I get it?

  22. adb devices reveals no device. What am I doing wrong? I am in the folder which I downloaded the marshmallow update to. I cannot find the s3v3n_cmd file either. The device is visible in recovery mode but not in CSC mode

  23. In My ZenfoneMax ZC550KL after update this my Mobile network going too much week. If i going to downgrade to Lolipop With full functional with no bugs. so how i downgrade Mas to lolipop.

  24. Shyamlal.PS Reply

    after my handset updation i have get so many pop up ads disturbences.
    what is the reason for that???
    what is the solution for this problem???

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