How to Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow Manually

Lenovo rolled out the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for A7000 phone in India earlier this week. But many users still not receiving the Marshmallow update so we provide you the Marshmallow OTA file for Lenovo A7000 with that you can Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow Manually. Lenovo already update K3 Note to marshmallow a few weeks ago. The Lenovo A7000 is rolling out Marshmallow update via OTA (over-the-air). Many users are already getting Android 6.0 marshmallow update for Lenovo A7000. You can also manually check for the update by going to Settings -> About Phone -> System updates -> Check for update. So check for OTA to Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow. ou can wait for the OTA updates or you can Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow manually.

Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow Manually

The new Marshmallow update packed with features like Now on Tap, Doze Mode, App Permissions and more. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Lenovo A7000 available via OTA (over-the-air) and it is about 1.3GB in size. The OTA update has built no. A7000-a_S153_151127_ROW_TO_A7000-a_S223_160405_ROW which Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow. The update may wipe SD Card data, so it is advisable to take backup before you Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow manually.

Note: – Make sure you at least 2GB of free space on your device and battery level should be 75% before you Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow. It is recommended to take backup of your device and do a factory reset after installing the update as many users post they faced forced closed error.

Steps to Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow Manually –

1) To manually check the update, you can head over to Settings > About phone > System updates > Check For Update.

2) To Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow manually follow below steps.

3) Download Lenovo A7000 Marshmallow OTA Update file From here – Marshmallow A7000.

4) Now copy the OTA file to your device and rename it ‘’.

5) Now boot your device into Recovery Mode and select ‘Install update from sd card’ and select the file

6) The above step will Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow.

7) Reboot your phone after updating your phone to Marshmallow.

This is the easiest way to Update Lenovo A7000 to Marshmallow manually. If you have any questions comment below.


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80 Responses

  1. JC Parba says:

    can i delete the .zip file after i update to marshmallow?

  2. Harpreet Singh says:

    cant find the option ‘Install update from sd card’ while booting the device into Recovery Mode

  3. karthikeyan says:

    what will happen if i put the .zip in internal storage and update (when internal storage is kept as default storage.)?

  4. Arpit Sharma says:

    What is ota file??

  5. Rajat Mishra says:

    My lenovo a7000 is rooted .Does it work on rooted A7000?

  6. Hello, I think I followed every step right, but every time after it finds and loads the package, I get :
    “This package is for lenovo A7000-a devices; this is a Lenovo A7000.
    E:Error in storage/sdcard1/
    (status 7)
    Installation aborted.”

    I don’t get it, I have A7000-a?

    This is in my settings Device information.
    My model version: A7000-a
    My baseband version: A7000.ROW.V15
    My build: A7000-a_S152_150917_ROW

  7. Velchandru says:

    I have updated successfully to Marshmallow which is around 1.3gb…I was having no problem with the update…
    The biggest advantage is that hw decoding is at its best when playing with mx player and the only con is that the Dolby atmos background tweaking is not the best and loud…
    So I waited for the lenovo to update soon..
    So I got an ota update 5 days before around 16mb..
    After updating.. nothing was improved
    The biggest pros of the update is taken away that the hw decoding is simple and the same Dolby atmos…
    I was wondering whether installing this 1.3gb update will rollback my phone?
    Plz reply soon

  8. Amar says:

    App not move to SD card

  9. Aashik says:

    Hii I have updated my lenovo a7000 to marshmallow but I m getting a msg of unfortunately the process phone has stopped. And two options OK and TRY TO SOLVE but both options are not solving the problem what should I do?!!

  10. Iwanz says:

    Thankyou Admin Sumit
    I have succeeded
    One more question
    What is the new features in this Marshmallow ?
    Thanks for the answers, keep up the great work

  11. Kian says:

    i have the same problem on my lenovo A7000 plus..i wonder if this update could fix this..btw do you have the ota update of lenovo a7000 plus..?this morning my phone showed a messege that you could update to marshmallow…my phone is Lenovo A7000 Plus

  12. Joyal says:

    I have upgraded my lenovo a7000 to marshmallow, after that i got a 16 mb firmware update and i have updated. Then some of the features of the previous firmware like smooth vedio playing etc were lost. How can i downgrade to the previous firmware? If i download this OTA file and do as per the instructions will it go back to the previous one, Or this OTA will work only when upgrading from build number A7000-a_S153_151127_ROW to build number A7000-a_S223_160405_ROW?
    Plz help me..?

  13. Gaurav says:

    Did its safe

  14. art says:

    can i update from external micro sd or internal memory only?

  15. art says:

    can i put the update on external sd card?

  16. Vansh says:

    How i will boot my device

  17. Siddharth Singh says:

    When I click in install update it fails what should I do

  18. Athamneh says:

    It’s stuck on 49%, help me please?

  19. Shreyash says:

    Hey admin its coming installation failed why so?

  20. jithin says:

    is it possible on k3 note



    • Sumit says:

      That’s strange. No one faces this issue before. Try renaming it for image rename it to .jpg or for videos rename it to .mp4. Let me know if that works

  22. avinash says:

    I try to update but if not happens
    It says ota

  23. avinash says:

    Please help me out and tell me the procedure to go in recovery mode also

  24. Ravy says:

    สวัสดีค่ะ หนูไช้a7000-a แล้วหนูก็อัปเป็นเวอร์ชั้น6.0 แต่ตอนนี้หนูเปิดเครื่องไม่ติด ต้องทำไงดีค่ะ? รบกวนช่วยหน่อยค่่ะ ขอบคุนค่ะ

  25. yogadipras says:

    Thanks. It’s succesfull .

  26. Den says:

    for lenovo a7000 or lenovo a7000-a ?

  27. Shalaka says:

    My Lenovo A7000 storage problem has been a raised so can you please let me know how to solve the problem

  28. Shalaka says:

    My all data movies application are getting install in internal storage it is unable to move in SD card

  29. Rajiv says:

    After update a7000 volte run or not

  30. Daniel says:

    My phone build number is A7000-a_PLUS_S150_151014_ROW can this ota update work on my device

  31. kiran says:

    I have downloaded the zip from above then after what I m not getting plzz help me sumit

  32. aankit bhagat says:

    my. cellphn is lenovo 6000. nd. my.father used lenovo 7000. can i. downlod the versn in my phn.
    nd. before i share in my father.’s cellphne
    can it’ll be work

  33. Tousif says:

    Does Lenovo A7000 support LTE

  34. vamsi krishna reddy says:

    I can update marshmallow but it doesn’t work what I can I do now

  35. tintu says:

    hello all, in my Lenovo A7000 the boot mode comes in Japanese how to select SD card

  36. Neel Madhab says:

    I hv updated to android 6 bt I face 1 prblm tht the apps are nw no longer to move to SD card

  37. masoom says:

    Agar mera lenovo a7000 phone root kiya huwa h iskay baad mayne update kiya to koi problem hoga

  38. M Y Shah says:

    I downloaded an update from but the could not install the update. now the phone is not woking but displays a menu asking to install but it constantly fails to reboot. How I can recover it.

  39. Praveen.H says:

    Now I used lenovo a7000… I was successfully update my device to Android 6.0… But I have one problem.. That’s is there is no option is available to use volte option…. So what I do to support volte?

  40. ThiS Lenovo a7000 plus so many heating when I’m online I use android lolipop

  41. chinnaraju says:

    Like plz need help after marshmallow update installed to ma lenovo a7000 am not able make ma sandisk 32 GB class 10 as ma internal store when it goes to format page it won’t erase SD card n show some Java error thing so plz help me

  42. raushan says:

    i want to set my theme as marshmellow but it looks like older theme.where all the apps are seen side by side

  43. azad singh says:

    I want my loliop version

  44. asif says:

    what r the precatons to be taken

  45. Richy says:

    Can I update my a6000 plus with this ota?

  46. Sanat says:

    After downloading I. Get OTA File ?

  47. Sanat says:

    In lollipop version touch screen is not working.In marshmallow touchscreen will working clearly??

  48. Miggz12903 says:

    I’ve tried to install the update while im rooted and now im stuck in logo… please help on how to fix… thanks

  49. sanat says:

    My touchscreen is not working clearly what I do help me!!

  50. vikas yadav says:

    Hiii..i can’t change the downloading path at android file frome normally sd card…so me how change downloading location..

  51. sanat says:

    Sir my touch screen is not working ….mobile wright side not working

  52. Lucky says:

    i have a problem installing the update, it says Android L encrypt is blocking or preventing the installation from sdcard2 or something like that,,
    how can i fix this?
    please tell me, im looking forward to this

  53. Arunshekhar Mm says:

    what can I do with the message showing “ has stopped”. while I was trying to set an image as wallpaper

  54. Ryan says:

    Can I flash this via TWRP?

  55. ajith kumar says:

    dear Sumit.
    My A7000 mobiles mic is not working. when i checked internet it says that we have to update it to mash mellow. is it right when we update to mashmellow the mic problem will be solved? Kindly advice.

  56. raj says:

    My phon is in recovery mode but whenever i m try to select ., than phon say installation failed what should i do

  57. Edd says:

    can you give me link to update my phone lenovo a7000plus, mine s177 lollipop and i want upgrade my lenovo to marshmallow.
    sorry for my bad english

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