Huawei recently updates Honor 4X, Honor 6, Huawei P8 Lite and Huawei G8 to Marshmallow and now sending the latest version of Android to the Huawei G Play Mini. Now you can download and Update Huawei G Play Mini to Marshmallow Manually. This update is based on EMUI 4.0 and contains all Android 6.0 Marshmallow features. The update is rolling out for Asia Pacific Region. The official Android 6.0 for Huawei G Play Mini is a stable build and rolling via OTA, but you can also Update Huawei G Play Mini to Marshmallow Manually. You can wait for the OTA updates, or you can Update Huawei G Play Mini to Marshmallow manually.

Update Huawei G Play Mini to Marshmallow Manually

The new Marshmallow update packed with features like Now on Tap, Doze Mode, App Permissions and more. Also, get some device specific changes like New EMUI 4.0. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Huawei G Play Mini CHC-U01 available via OTA (over-the-air) and it is about 1.5GB in size. The update bumps build number to CHC-U01_C636B510. The update may wipe SD Card data, so it is advisable to take a backup before youUpdate Huawei G Play Mini to Marshmallow.


  • Your device must be on stock firmware and stock recovery.
  • This update is only for Huawei G Play Mini CHC-U01.
  • Follow the steps correctly otherwise you may brick your device. We are not responsible for any damage to your phone.
  • It will not erase your data, but it is advisable to take a complete backup of your phone for safer side.
  • Ensure that your phone has at least 50-60% charged to prevent the accidental shutdown in-between the process.

Download Official Android 6.0 for Huawei G Play Mini –

  • Marshmallow for Huawei G Play Mini CHC-U01 – Download

Steps to Manually Update Huawei G Play Mini to Marshmallow –

1) First, download Android 6.0 for Huawei G Play Mini from above.

2) Now create a folder dload in the root of your internal storage or SD card and place the file in that folder.

3) Now go to the phone settings–>update and press the menu button.

4)  Now select choose Local update.

5) It will detect the and installation process will start.

6) Wait until the installation process is complete and then reboot your device., you have latest firmware

7) Done.

This is the easiest way to Update Huawei G Play Mini to Marshmallow manually. If you have any questions, comment below.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.


  1. My g play mini have got official update from updater but it very long time to download and downloaded percent sometimes decrease also.

  2. I installed that, but problem is internal storage run out. Phone keep the old apps when i update the newer version. How to solve it.

  3. if I update my g play mini chc-u01 in bangladesh,
    is my phone lost internal storage?
    please answer me…

  4. Will i have any issues if i update by chc-u01 to marshmellow? I’m from Nepal.

      • yah but i am indian and bought huawei g play mini from myanmar(barma) but this is did’t work with internal storage also so wht to do now ….?

  5. Please, can you tell me when in Portugal we will have Android 6.0 in G Play mini mobile??? Thanks Dumas

  6. Hello I want somebody to help me I recently upgraded marshmallow from this site n it did well after I installed this new os I was unable to root my phone does anybody have any idea on this subject plz reply .

  7. Hello i downloaded the file but i can’t extract the update. app file. Can you tell me why i can’t extract .

  8. Do I have to root my phone to install the update?Still my warrenty is not cancelled

  9. why my g play mini CHC-U01 update fail when i update again and again? how can i do?

  10. I have a G Play mini and it is an old version. Now I want to upgrade my phone. Please tell me honestly have any sight effect in your system?I am form Bangladesh.

    Please ans me as soon as possible.

  11. I can not upgrade this It show “Version check Fail! Why? I tried again and again.

  12. my phone is rooted , can i update or upgrade to Marshmallow .? if i want to root back , what n how i can do?

      • Hi Sumit, is the U01 update compatible with CHC-U23? I think that if it were, you would say it already, but I want to be sure.

  13. Pleaaaaaaaaase I need update 6.0 for mu G Play Mini model number CHC-U01_C185B067
    I live in syria and my phone could not find any update until now
    please any one can help me this is my mail : [email protected]
    and this is my phone number : +963992742418
    pleaaaaaaaaaaaase any one can help me . call me whatsapp or mial me
    thanks for all

  14. Krishanthan Reply

    Hai I bought my Huawei Gplay in Sri Lanka not Gplay mini but my phone model is CHM-U01 model. Can I updated marshmallow to my phone

  15. Hello, can I update my G play mini?, my phone model is CHC-U23, can I try it without destroy my phone?

  16. on bootscreen will it show honor logo or huawei logo?
    is this the official release of EMUI 4.1? i mean is there any bugs or stability issues?
    please let me know :)

  17. The model of my cell is G play mini CHC-U23 also work for that? or only to the CHC-U01

  18. sai hlaing han Reply

    I already downloaded the update package. unfortunately I can’t install it, I don’t know how to do it and I followed correctly all the step you shown but it doesn’t work. Please advice me how should I continue?

  19. Can’t install this update to my Huawei CHC-U01, Its didn’t support my phone.i am from Sri Lanka

  20. Gplay mini Reply

    if anyone is from nepal who wants to upgrade your phone to marshamallow, esp the chc-u01 (gplay-mini) please go to customer care at newroad pako road (rb complex road), its free and takes only 30 min

    • I’m from Bangladesh…After upgrading to marshmallow interal storage is always full and it didn’t show in any explorer how can I solve the internal storage problem please help to solve the problem…

  21. Bishal Myster Reply

    hey, I’m from Nepal. I get I can upgrade it but Here’s my issues:
    1) My current android ver. is 4.4 kitkat , will it work
    2) I’ve tried rooting but it was stuck in boot loop. So, I had to re-flash new rom. Will is effect?
    3) Currently, I’ve working root acccess CHC-U01.
    4) Finally, after upgrade …Can I root it again?????

  22. the fact is that there`s no update for Eurozone, guys… just like we`re really out of Terra… who created the huawei only for the outsiders? I`ve just bought this device and been told there`d be an update for Europe soon. Really? what a great news!!! when? not so great a news!!! can Sumit clarify this issue?! all I can see down here is nonanswers for all who`s asked you more or less the same question

    • This update is for Southern east and Asia region. Still no update for European Region.

  23. Hi, i bought this phone last week and had the version fail problem. I got to work the update ob my fone by first installing androit 5.1. With installed 5.1 the 6.0 marshmallow update worked fine on my gplay mini. Now i run marshmallow and also a 64gb samsung sd card formattet in ntfs (did not work with efat data system). Next dtep i will use the sd as internal storage, a new feature of marshmallow.

  24. CHC-U01 C636B182 kitkat 4.4.2. i try to upgrade it to android 6.0 but showing version check fail. i try factory reset and tried but failed. how to do it? and i bought this phone in Burma(Myanmar).

  25. Israfil khan Reply

    I am from Bangladesh.i could not update my huawei gplay mini!!! It says “Software install failed!Incompatibility with current version.Please download the correct update pakage.” Please suggest me some solutions.I am very eager to update my device

  26. Israfil Khan shahid Reply

    I am from Bangladesh.i could not update my huawei gplay mini!!! It says “Software install failed!Incompatibility with current version.Please download the correct update pakage.” Please suggest me some solutions.I am very eager to update my device.

  27. Israfil Khan shahid Reply

    I am from Bangladesh.i could not update my huawei gplay mini!!! It says “Software install failed!Incompatibility with current version.Please download the correct update pakage.” Please suggest me some solutions.I am very eager to update my device.Give me a Right Link to download The app and update to Marshmallow.

  28. how to know if the phone is from asia ?
    btw my phone is Huawei G Play Mini CHC-U01 .

    im from Tunisia(North Africa)

  29. I have problem. It says there is no is the problem?

  30. can I upgrade it directly from version 4.4.2? my phone is emui 3.0 and its model no is CHC-U01 C636B160…

  31. my phone is already rooted , any problem if I update the phone?

  32. Ravindra Budhathoki Reply

    if I update CHC-U01 then it will support LTE ?? please answer me..

  33. I loved it. It actually works. But when I started to download it then it says there ‘s no place left in your build-in sd card. After that I format everything in that sd card. Then I download the software again and try to update it… but it says there’s no place left in your build-in sd card.
    Please, show me how to slove this problem.

  34. Hello,

    I’m just begin upgrading my phone manual, but it so slow, please can you tell me how much time take to upgrade?

  35. Eadally Eshan Reply

    hi, i downloaded the file and follow your instructions. after select local updates the phone restart but it freeze and get white screen. what problem can cause this?

      • thank you Sir. . Sir i successfully update my gplay (CHC U01) to 6.0. . but i am facing some issues like default ringtones are not working. . when i click on SIM ringtone it didn’t open the ringtone list. . . Second problem is my build number changed to hi6210sft . .

  36. Aashish SHrestha Reply

    Successfully updated to Android M……….. Thank you for the information………… what are some new core features that I can use????

  37. It says no space left… but there is so many spaces in my sd card… try it again and again

  38. khalid hamdy Reply

    this update has some bugs in it like not being able to change the ringtone for the 2nd sim card and the radio fm app is missing. I updated my phone directly from 4.4.2 to this update but after installing this update, the phone recovery rom is not accessible any more, and I tried to roll back to android 5 using the official international build c900 but failed
    does any one has these issues ?
    any solutions ?

  39. My Phone Update lolipop 3.1 version but my phone sometimes automatic hang . pls advice

  40. kaung htoo Reply

    I downloaded the official update into my sd card… I can’t cut or copy it into internal space.. I have 2 Gb aviable internal space. it showed the file name is too long to copy.. how can I fix this problem

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