Chances are high you are reading this piece of content in one of the browsers we have discussed in this article.

Well, browsers play an important role to help you search, browse, surf, create, explore, and do multiple things online. If you think of being online, you think of a browser. With tons of built-in features, today browsers offer more than ever before.

Now browsers are safer as well. They are designed meticulously to offer seamless user experience while keeping data security at paramount. While there are a number of these browsers available online, here we have tested and reviewed the 7 best browsers you should use on your Windows PC.

Best Browsers for Windows 10

Google Chrome

Who doesn’t know Google and its advanced browsing solution Chrome?

Well, Chrome is market leader and fastest browser for Windows when it comes to seamless browsing experience around the world. With majority of market share in browsing solutions, you get more done with the new Chrome. The new Chrome is simpler, faster, and secure than ever before.

It comes as a complete browsing solution to help with all big or small tasks. It offers quick answers in your address bar, personalized articles, one-click translation, and more. Working on smart algorithms, it protects your system & data from various security issues like phishing and dangerous sites. It works seamlessly on all your devices and offers easy switch between your laptop and phone.

Mozilla Firefox Browser

The next best browser for Windows 10 is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is available for all your devices and offers advanced install options for a better user experience.

Firefox Lockwise is useful feature of the browser that ensures you can save and access passwords across devices. Its private browsing feature clears your browsing history to keep your online activities secret from anyone who uses your system.

It is serving users on desktop and mobile devices both with advanced features. It effectively blocks 2000+ online trackers to keep your online activities safe. It offers privacy protection feature by default and stops companies from following you online. It offers easy sync option for passwords, history, bookmarks, and more.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge offers a secure and fast way to get things done on the web. It is specifically designed for Microsoft products thus you can expect great user experience with Edge. It is available in all new form from logo to experience everything.

Microsoft Edge is meticulously designed for Xbox One with easy use of controllers and easy syncing between your favorite sites. With Edge, you get option to get answers and tips from Cortana. It is also available for iOS and Android devices. It makes searching content effortless for you with advanced algorithms and features. It offers smart reading view to make reading simplified. It also offers clutter free printing option. Here, you will find multiple learning tools built right into the browser that makes it easier to read, speech, and access dictionary easily.


Vivaldi offers great control and customization options to help you decide how your browser should look and feel. You can tweak its settings to decide how you interact with your browser.

With Vivaldi, you get the freedom to manage and move from one tab to another seamlessly even you have opened numerous tabs at a time. It offers various useful tools built-in like Notes and Screen Capture that reduces the need for supplementary add-ons.

Vivaldi doesn’t track or store any of your data thus you remain carefree for data security when online. Here, it doesn’t store browser cookies and temporary files to ensure your private data remain private. When you sync your data between various devices this data is transferred using end-to-end encryption for better security.


Opera is next best browser for Windows 10. It is available for free with all new advanced features. There are numerous things you will love about Opera. With this multi-faceted browser, you get faster and safer browsing experience. It has a built-in ad-blocker to offer you distraction-free experience. It also blocks hidden cryptocurrency mining to keep you safe from downtime.

It comes enabled with free VPN to reduce online tracking and shield your browsing activities. It allows you to chat and browse at the same time with built-in messenger. Thus, you needn’t juggle tabs and apps all the time. It offers greater customization options with multiple themes, keyboard shortcuts, favorite bookmarks, and more. It’s time to switch to Opera if you haven’t yet!

Tor Browser

With Tor browser, you get an option to defend yourself against tracking, surveillance, and censorship. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices. It offers multiple language option where you can download browser in your local language.

It offers alternate to Internet censorship where you can view content of your choice without hurdles. It usually blocks browser plugins as they can be manipulated into revealing your IP address. It comes as HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, and other security patches to secure your privacy and security. You can use this powerful browsing solution to keep your online activities undetected with advanced security features.

Torch Browser

With Torch Browser you get more from the web. Here, you can access media, enjoy music, play your favorite games, perform edits, read & edit, and do lot more. With its media grabber feature, you can download audio and video files from the Internet in a single click.

With its torrent manager, you can download torrent content seamlessly. With Torch player, you can enjoy ultimate viewing experience. With Torch music, you can listen to your favorite music from people you love. With Torch games, you get tons of free games with no loading or downloading needed. With Torch facelift, you get multiple stunning themes to help you design your own Facebook. Join Torch browser to enjoy seamless browsing experience now. This best browser offers a Hassle-free browsing experience to save your time.

So, this was a quick review of 7 best browsers for Windows and other devices. Do try these powerful browsing solutions and share your experience in the comments below.


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